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Chris Bell

How the Vaping Business Will Get Even Bigger in 2017

There was a time, not so long ago, when smoking was very much ‘in’; it was a trendy thing to do – especially if all your friends were doing it – and was promoted by sexy and alluring adverts featuring perfect men and women. Remember the Marlboro Cowboy? If you are of a certain age, it was one of the most iconic advertising images of all, but now you won’t find it anywhere.

Not only is tobacco advertising banned, but smoking is also illegal in many public places – the pub trade, for example, took a big hit with the advent of the smoking ban – so smoking has now become unattractive, with many people choosing to give up, rather than stand outside in the cold for a cigarette.

However, there is an alternative, and it’s one that is much healthier and becoming more popular all the time: we’re talking about vaping. What is it? Vaping is the ‘smoking’ of e-cigarettes, clever electric devices that replace the traditional cigarette. In fact, you don’t actually smoke, for what happens is this: a small electric heater heats a liquid in the device, which produces the hit and taste you would get with your normal smokes, except all that is given off is vapour. People use vaping to replace the cigarette, and to help them give up in the long run.

Best Vaping Mods

Now, there is something you should know: although vaping is safe, some public buildings and transport networks do not allow it, for a variety of reasons. Despite this, sales of vaping equipment are rocketing, so you will be able to find many options. Bear in mind that you can get a variety of flavours for your e-cigarette, so it is very versatile, and you may find it a surprisingly affordable item to buy.

We discovered a great review of the top 10 best vaping mods at a website called Best Reviewer. They have reviews of a wide variety of items – everything from fun gadgets to basic household and kitchen items – and they cover each one comprehensively.  You get a full description so you know what you are buying, the pros and cons of each one, and an idea of what you should expect to pay, so you can make comparisons there and then and choose your ideal item. Have a look at the site now for all the information you could need to but your vaping kit.

Enjoy Your Vaping

Vaping is the only real alternative – apart from giving up – to smoking tobacco, and comes without the health risks that the latter is known to bring. It’s also an affordable one, as the price of cigarettes is deliberately high so it deters people from smoking. Have a look at Best Reviewer now for more information on the very best vaping kits in the business, as well as many more items, and see how you can save money and stay healthy, yet still enjoy your favourite tobacco flavour.