“I first contacted Christopher about six months ago, mostly because I wanted to ask for his advice on a specific aspect of my business. He replied within a couple of hours and we ended up exchanging numerous emails. He took the time to write lengthy messages without me committing first, which almost instantly convinced me that he was someone I would want to hire. It actually took us a few weeks to create a new plan for my business, but – knock on wood – it’s been going strong for almost four months now. I recommend him without hesitation.”

  • Steve Barrett

“I found this site with a simple google search, and I am using it to read the articles and the occasional blog post. I am not what you would call a business minded person, but despite that, I was able to process most of the information I came across. I did not pay for any service yet, but I think I have learned a lot of valuable things just by reading the site, and I am strongly considering purchasing the eBook.”

  • Sarah J. McAllister

“My friend and I had this childhood dream of opening a bar, but we overdid the research a bit. We read too many disaster stories about places closing down within a couple of months or even weeks. They basically told us the best case scenario was to survive the first two years, and maybe turn in a profit after that. It was a fellow business owner, who recommended Chris, and we feel we got lucky. Together we developed a plan for the first year, and a strong Social Media campaign for the opening weeks. So far we are breaking even, which is amazing for a new joint.”

  • Dave Pinter and Steve Robinson

“I met Christopher long before this website was operational. He helped me turn around my struggling grocery store. He had personal experience in this area, and gave me confidence. He knows what he is doing.”

  • Peter Bailey

“I have been placing ads on this website for a year now. The results have been great. Many of the visitors that clicked on my ads actually bought my products. I sell cash registers, and this makes this site an ideal advertising location for me. I can see this platform working with other products too.”

  • Steven Chapman

“After a bad experience with another business consultant, I was pretty sceptical at first, but Mr. Bell quickly allayed my fears. He was very honest about my business, especially its bad location, and after a week of brainstorming, we decided the best course of action was to sell the property. My business did not make any money during its five-year run. Mr. Bell was a professional throughout the whole process. If I ever open another business, he would be my choice of consultant.”

  • Neil Powell

“I am running an online web shop selling televisions and monitors. I have advertised on a couple of sites before, mostly paying for pop-ups, but never really had a high click through rate. This has changed for me on this site. They look like a professional bunch, and I had a pleasant experience with the customer service. Based on my experiences so far, I highly recommend them.”

  • Gavin Pearce

“I opened a baby store two years ago. It was not very profitable, but did well enough in certain months. I contacted Chris after one of my friends recommended him, and although he did not have any experience with newborn essentials or shops selling baby products, he did his homework very quickly, and devised a viable plan for me. We have a three-month plan now, and things are looking up, Christopher has my support.”

  • Shawna Baker

“I purchased the eBook two months ago and it turned out to be a game changer for me. With the help of this material, I have identifiedmany of my previous business mistakes. An excellent read, and surprisingly, it is not too dry.”

  • William

“I’ve had a number of lucrative businesses throughout my adult life, so you could say I know a thing or two about this stuff. Despite that, Christopher managed to show me new things five minutes into our first conversation. His knowledge on Social Mediahas really helped me out. I think we will work together again in the future.”

  • Bill Meade

“We had a conversation with Mr. Bell about a potential collaboration two weeks ago, and he was kind enough to provide all the information I needed. I have placed two ads on the site for now, and everything looks perfect. This is a top notch platform with competitive rates; I have had a very positive experience.”

  • Brian