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Chris Bell

The Four Essentials for Running Your Business Online

Running a business that operates entirely online requires a number of essentials. It is a whole different world to that of running a physical business, such as a high street store or offering services as a tradesman.

From remaining safe online to building a reputation that reinforces trust and sales, these four elements of working online are key to success.

Safety Online

With the help of some statistics, it is clear to see that not everybody is safe online. For example, 68% of business leaders believe the risk against cybersecurity is increasing, while data breaches in the first half of 2019 exposed 4.1 billion records. Protecting your business against hackers and malware is critical for successful commerce and preventing terrible PR.

To improve your online safety, you could use a VPN. Virtual private networks allow the user to navigate the internet away from those who may wish to cause them damage watching on. Using encryption, a VPN forms a tunnel through the internet so that only those with access to the network can see or observe certain activity.

This helps your business as it protects data and allows remote data to certain information, but only for authorized individuals. Many VPN providers offer business solutions at an affordable rate.


Excellent communication is key to a successful online business. Employees of an online business often work in different offices or even in different countries, so ensuring all are working to the same style and standard requires a great deal of effort and communications strategy. To keep communications safe, all emails should be encrypted – if only certain ones are then hackers looking on will see them as more important targets for breaking into – and passwords need to be secure.

Good reputation

Maintaining good PR and building your brand in a suitable and effective manner are essential elements of operating a successful online business. Your business could be in danger of losing its appearance as a professional and trustworthy operation if it does not hold an excellent online reputation, which is why using for blogging services and SEO boosting is a wise move. Improving your blogger outreach and building external links to your site will show your company as experts in your industry and move your company higher up search engine results pages. This should increase traffic and sales.

Separation of personal and business life

Finally, you should separate your personal and business bubbles both in order to stay safe online and to increase productivity when you are working. If possible, use different computers when you are accessing work files or networks, and have separate VPNs on your home Wi-Fi for when you are working in your own office.

Separating your personal and business life will have huge benefits to your mood, motivation, and productivity. Working in the living room or kitchen is sometimes necessary, but avoid it when you can; the act of leaving your home office and walking into the kitchen – walking from a place of work to a place of relaxation – will help you close off your business brain and spend quality time with your housemates or family.