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Chris Bell

The importance of keeping aircrew uniforms unique

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There’s one thing that can keep you busy and entertained while waiting for your flight at the airport. This is flight attendants from various airlines walking around. It’s a big treat to the eyes because the aircrew uniforms are so colorful, sophisticated looking and attractively colored.

 This may make you wonder why they have to wear uniforms like that, which stand out in a crowd. Some airlines have their staff wear scarves or ties and others, hats. While you may think that it’s solely to make the pretty and handsome aircrew personnel look even better, well you are mistaken.

1.    Highlights the crew

The main reason for such unique air crew uniforms is to make them stand out from a crowd. You never know when a calamity may occur in mid-air. This leads to lots of confusion in the restricted space of the airplane.

 It’s the stewards who have to guide the passengers on what to do and what not to do. And they will not be able to do this if they are not dressed differently from the lot. Btw, this is also a reason why air hostesses and stewards have to be tall so that they can be seen in the crowd.

2.    Gives authority  

It’s the uniform that lends authority to the flight personnel and let them take control of a situation. The passengers don’t have to go looking for assistance because their air crew uniforms put them apart.

3.    Differentiates between aircrew

In addition to a scarf, gold wings and stripes also play an important part in their air crew uniforms. It differentiates between them where the flight attendants have two stripes, first officers three and the captain, four stripes.

However only those who know this will be able to tell them apart. Most people know that the air crew uniforms have stripes, but are not aware of the different numbers.

4.    Reduces confusion

Besides, if the aircrew uniforms didn’t have a blazer, hat or scarf, they may get mistaken for a flight attendant. Passengers who approach them for details about gates and departure times end up agitated because they don’t know. That’s another reason for having so colorful and unique air crew uniforms. In short, airline uniforms should establish a psychological connection with the passengers. This connection is vital for passengers to respond during an emergency which will not work with the aircrew wearing a mailman’s or R&D engineering mechanic’s uniform.