I am Christopher Bell, a Brisbane-based business consultant from the United Kingdom. I created this website for a variety of reasons, including a chance to offer my services. My clientele includes successful companies and hopeful start-ups, and they all have one thing in common, they want to achieve sustained success.

As a business consultant who learned the basics very early, I can help you and your business in a variety of ways. I have specific expertise in many different markets, I can identify potential problems before they would actually arise I can be the objective eye often hard to find in-house, and I can show you how to be proactive, which is one of the most important aspects of business management.

If you are interested to find out more, or you simply have a question about my methods, please do not hesitate to fill out the form below.

What I Can Offer

  • Hire Me As a Consultant: My consultant services include a wide variety of tailor-made solutions. I can show you how to organize your business more efficiently, and how you can increase its popularity. I also evaluate your plans and provide ongoing support whenever you need it. We are in this together.
  • Leadership guidance, increasing management efficiency: If you feel like your company’s operations are far from ideal in term of efficiency, you can contact me and I will help you identify the problem. Whether we are talking about the private or public sector, successful companies continuously analyse their operation, and make decisions based on the data. I can help you find the relevant information, and make the right decision.
  • Risk analysis: I can help you evaluate your risk assessment plan. If that plan is not suited for the field you operate in or for the type of business you run, it becomes almost impossible to make good decisions. Your risk assessment plan must suit your business model, only then can you expect consistent growth.
  • Process control, the evaluation and potential restructure of business processes: Sometimes a business needs a process overhaul. We choose and develop the right strategy for your business, and with it, we set it up for success. The evaluation, of course, never really stops, and if the market or another major component changes, we adapt to the new circumstances.
  • Internet Marketing: There is no avoiding the internet these days, and why would you want to? A successful online marketing campaign can be a tremendous asset to your business. Creating a website, blogging, SEO, Social Media or email marketing, are just some of the many available tools that can help you.
  • Obtain a copy of my eBook: In my eBook “Blind in Business”, I share my experiences and the things I went through as a young business consultant. Through these highly relevant personal stories, you can learn the basics of small business management.