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Chris Bell

3 Tips For Leaving Work With More Energy At The End Of The Day

When you’ve been working hard at your job all day, it only makes sense that you’d be tired and a little worn out once it’s finally time to head home. But if you want to have a fulfilling life that consists of more than just going to work and coming home, then you’re going to want to make the most of the hours that you have when you’re off the clock. However, finding the energy to do anything after work can be a real challenge for people. So to help you make the most of the time you have have your workday is through, here are three tips for leaving work with more energy at the end of the day.

Prepare The Night Before By Getting Enough Sleep

If you show up for work already tired and dragging, there’s a very good chance that that feeling will only get stronger and more overwhelming as the day goes on. So to combat this, you’ve got to ensure that you’re showing up for work having gotten the rest you need. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to have gotten all your sleep covered the night before. According to Intuit Quickbooks, it can also be very helpful to spend 15 to 30 minutes of your lunch break or other breaks taking a quick nap. By doing this, you’ll have the energy you need to get your work done and still have something to spare for your time after work.

Fuel Your Body With The Right Food

In addition to coming to work with your mind and body well rested, you can also get and keep your energy throughout the day by fueling your body with the right foods. This can sometimes be hard because eating convenience foods when you’re busy at work often seems like the best solution when you’re hungry. But if you want to avoid feeling sluggish from eating too many carbs or a sugar crash from eating too much sugar, Ashley Stahl, a contributor to, recommends that you do your best to keep your eating well balanced. Especially in the afternoon, try to eat foods that have equal parts carbs and proteins so that you avoid sugar spikes and crashes.  

Get Your Blood Pumping

While it might seem counterintuitive, one of the best ways you can get more energy at the end of the day is to expel a little bit of energy through exercise. According to Tara Struyk, a contributor to, by using a different muscle than the one you’ve been using all day, meaning turning off your brain and getting your blood pumping throughout the rest of your body, you may come to find that you have a lot more energy to last you through the evening. So even if you’re feeling fatigued from sitting at your desk all day, try to find it within yourself to get a little exercise each night to help improve your overall energy levels.

If you want to have more energy to enjoy yourself after work’s over each evening, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some ways to accomplish this.