I am Christopher Bell, a business consultant from Brisbane, UK. I spent the last two decades working with various businesses from small start-ups to well-known, already successful companies. I earned my financial degree at the local university, but my passion for business management goes back to my teenage years.

How It All Started

When I was growing up, my parents had a small business, a family-operated grocery store that often required our combined attention. As a result, when I was about 15. I started spending an increasing amount of time there, helping in any way I could. At the beginning, this mostly meant manual labour, but just being there gave me the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of small business. My parents and I quickly realised that I had a penchant for both finance and management, and as I gained more and more experience, even my friends started to notice.

Consulting at a Young Age

During my studies, I helped several of my friends start their very own businesses. They were the first, often non-paying consulting jobs I took on, and I knew I was not going to stop there. The fact that I already had good basic knowledge, helped me to graduate with an excellent degree. I already knew how the market worked. By then, I had learned to identify the strong points and potential downfalls that usually present themselves during the development of a business, or its management. As my experiences started to yield positive results, I realised I had the potential to become great at what I already did fairly well. It also became clear that my knowledge and instincts could be valuable to others facing similar business obstacles as my friends once did.

My eBook, “Blind in Business”

A couple of years ago I felt the urgeto write an eBook. In “Blind in Business”, I share my experiences as a young business consultant. I took it upon myself to show the reality of starting a business, using my personal experiences. I outline in detail not just the success, but also the growing pains most of us have to go through to become successful.

The Website

I started this website around the time I wrote myeBook. Initially, I wanted a place on the web where I could share my knowledge in business creation and management. I also wanted tooffer my take on everything that is new and relevant in the field. Once it came to fruition, it became apparent that my audience wanted more, The decision to expandthe website was an easy one. Since then, this website has helped me to gain many new clients.

Even at the beginning, my desire was to create a place where anybody – from the budding entrepreneur to the well-informed business owner – could find something that would help him or her get to the next level. Many of my guests became my clients, and I had a chance to show them how to develop good business habits, habits that are essential for creating and maintaining success.

The Blog

The next logical step in the evolution of my website was creating a niche blog about a wide variety of relevant topics. My vision for it was straightforward; I wanted to provide an in-depth look into business development,including basic how-to tips,reviews of insider articles, and specific business advice.