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Chris Bell

4 Ways To Increase Your Business’s Online Visibility

Don’t make the mistake of being a business that relies on traditional marketing methods and ignoring the power of the internet.  While it’s possible to operate as a business without going online, you’ll surely be missing out on opportunities.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be a change that you’re afraid of.  Regardless of what industry you’re in, your business can benefit significantly from increasing your online visibility.  Even if you’ve never spent much time online before, it isn’t something that should scare you.

Here are some of the easiest ways to start increasing your online presence and reaching your audience


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, may be something that you’ve heard of before.  A lot of people may shy away from SEO because they’ve heard that it’s time-consuming and complicated; however, that isn’t always the case.

While it may sound intimidating at first,  it’s a somewhat simple process.  

By using SEO techniques, you’ll drive traffic towards your site and appear higher in Google Search results.  The result is more exposure and a greater online presence. 

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Nowadays, there are more than enough social media platforms to work with.  As a result, it makes gaining a following much easier process. It’s a good idea to create a profile on the most popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Depending on what type of business you’re in, you may choose to focus on one platform more than the others. For example, if you are a  graphic design company, then Instagram is probably the best choice for you since it’s visually focused. 

However, if you are a restaurant, you may find that Facebook’s interface is easier for you to find new customers. 

Start a Business Blog

A lot of businesses find success when starting a blog on their website.   By creating content which is relevant to your industry, you’ll drive traffic towards your website and increase your website’s popularity.   The better your posts are, and the greater of following you have, the more likely people are to share your blog. The result is more visitors and more business. 

Run Ads

Consider running an ad campaign somewhere like Facebook.  Facebook allows businesses to run targeted ads towards an audience of their choosing.

By aiming to appeal to a specific demographic, your ads will likely pay off.  Facebook also offers insight to see how successful your advertising is doing. You’ll be able to see what kind of people are clicking on your ads to find out more about your product. 

It may require a small upfront investment; however,  it’s worth it if it results in driving your sales. If your budget is limited, try advertising for a short period of time and see what kind of results you yield.   If it’s a success, invest more in the next campaign.