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Chris Bell

5 Things Business Coaches Can Learn From Sports Coaches

There are many parallels which can be drawn between sports and business and in particular the way in which a sports coach and a business manager handle things. There are many things which business can teach sports and visa-versa and today we are going to take a deeper look into what business managers could potentially learn from sports coaches. The famous soccer coach Roy Spagnolo, used to always say that he was able to find success in business through the use of the very same skills which helped him to be a soccer coach and here is exactly what he was referring to.

Importance of Team

When it comes to team sports, a great coach will work primarily on ensuring that every single member is working hard for the team as one. The old saying that there is no ‘I’ in team is exactly right and that is why understanding the importance of a fully synchronized team which operates as one is essential. For business this is also the case and a team of great individuals will always be out-performed by a team which has lesser talents but better dynamism and team spirit. This is one of the most important lessons that a business manager can learn from sports.

The Important of Review

In the world of sports coaching, when a team or an individual has completed an event or a match, their performance is reviewed and they spend time with their coach to understand what was good and what needs improvement. Once again we can see easily how this can be extended to the world of business. It is tough for business managers to take the time out to get reviews done, but they form an important part of managing employees and that time must be found.

Winning Mentality

Ex-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was invited to give classes at Harvard University on management and many of those lectures were about how to create and maintain a winning mentality. This is a very difficult skill to achieve and it is certainly something which those in business can learn from the very best in the sporting world.

Importance of Strategy

In business you may be able to enter into a plan without a strategy and come out looking alright, it isn’t guaranteed but it could happen. In sport however, go into a game or an event without a strategy and you have almost no chance of being successful. Business coaches therefore can learn a great deal with regards to strategizing and executing the plan.

Letting Your Team Go

Sports coaches are not able to get on the pitch and play and this is a key lesson for business coaches who like to micro-manage. The job is to inspire and motivate, to make the plan and then allow the team to go and do what you have taught them to do.

These are just some of the many lessons which the world of sport can teach business.

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