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Chris Bell

5 Traditional Marketing Tactics Your Business Should Still Use

In the always-online world of today, digital marketing strategies remain at the top of the list for businesses of all sizes. While traditional methods of the past may be in decline, not all of them should simply be passed off as outdated. Even now, cold calling remains the most effective lead generation method available.

And when combined with online strategies, many techniques of the past can hold a great deal of relevance and value. So, instead of keeping your marketing mix exclusive to the digital space, consider including some of the following traditional marketing tactics in your strategy for 2020.

Local Event Sponsorships

Not every business can benefit from being present at a local event, as those events may not attract the audience they’re looking to get in touch with. Fortunately, the internet has presented a solution.

Thanks to websites like Meetup, you can sponsor and participate in events related to your industry. Regardless of who you’re trying to reach, contributing to the cost of a Meetup event by supplying food and beverages, for instance, is an affordable way to gain direct contact with potential customers.


If you have a brick-and-mortar location, a simple and affordable pavement sign serves as a great way to bring attention to your store. Even if your business is entirely digital, some strategically-placed signage can quickly pay off.

What’s more is that you can now buy a wide range of cost-effective signage solutions online, this display company being a great example. Discount Displays also offer forecourt signs and swing signs with waterproof posters. There are many benefits to taking the online route, such as being able to have the sign designed according to your needs and getting it delivered right to your door.

Direct Mail

Done right, direct mail has significant potential as a sales-generating tactic.

A catering company in Denver once put together a direct mail campaign aimed at 4,000 of their previous clients. In the first three weeks, they generated the equivalent to almost £20,000 in new jobs. Their strategy included sending four unique postcards to each recipient, thus ensuring that their company remained top-of-mind.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are particularly effective for marketing discounts and special offers. Malls, streets and events with high numbers of foot traffic are all great places to hand them out. Business cards are no exception, as they’re a great way to directly introduce a customer to your business.

These types of traditional marketing methods are far more personal, connective and interactive, which is why they remain effective to this day.

Print Ads

Walk into just about any store today and you’ll notice that print is far from dead. If anything, it’s merely evolving. Remember, newspapers and magazines are now available in digital form, too. This makes getting some ad space on a publication that’s relevant to your niche a great way to hit two birds with one stone.

Depending on the type of business you run and who your target market is, there may be other traditional marketing tactics worth investing in. Take a moment to explore your options. You never know what you might uncover.