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6 Strategies To Increase Facebook Ad Targeting Conversions

Active Facebook targeting improves ad conversions and at the same time reduces the price per conversion. It is the best way to measure the value of your ad. We have shared six ad targeting techniques that will help to improve your Facebook ad performance, strategise social media marketing campaigns for your business and reap the best results for your investment.

So, let’s see the 6 best Strategies To Increase Facebook Ad Targeting Conversions

  1. Identify your unique content:

Before knowing how to target the right audience, we will learn how to enhance your ad content. If you have worked in the content marketing field, you would have heard this term unicorn marketing on frequent basis. If in case you have not heard about this concept pointed by Larry Kim – CEO and Founder of Mobile Monkey, here is a quick preview.

According to the 80/20 rule, 20% of your hard work helps in driving 80% of results. As per Kim, content marketing follows 98/2 rule. It means that around 2% of the content performs best on search engine ranking and social media, which helps in accomplishing high conversion rates. You should know well that content marketing is based on volume and follows a volume game. You need to create lots and lots of content on donkey so as to reach to the unicorns. What is meant by unicorn content? It is the blog that ultimately becomes a hit on social media channels, increases the Google rankings and also drives loads of traffic to the landing pages.

It is hard to predict which content will become a unicorn depending on factors that are traditionally utilized to point out great content – like readability, keywords and great writing style. It is recommended to have a close watch on social media performance and analytics. If you identify any overachieving content, you should reuse it in form of Facebook ad. You can develop it as a video and Infographic. Share the content in different formats to potential audiences so to make it work better than before. Also, utilize rest of Facebook ad targeting campaigns go in sync with the unicorn content so as to make the audience get easily engaged towards it.

2. Focus people similar to present customers with Matching audiences:

Facebook matching or lookalike audiences helps you to develop targeted lists of prospective customers who share individualities with people who purchase from you. If the information informs that the existing customers are mid-30s mothers who reside in Austin, you have to take a unique step by focusing other groups of mid 30s mothers residing in Austin.  The tools on Facebook are complex when it comes to audience matching. Along with Lookalike audiences there is no need to find what data points you are thinking to match. Here are the steps involved to utilize Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

  • Move to audiences within the Ads Manager
  • Select the option- create a lookalike audience
  • Select the source audience. It is the set of existing fans or customers whose features you wish to match
  • Choose the regions you wish to target
  • Choose your audience size. By setting a smaller number, you can exactly match source audience characteristics
  • Select create audience

3. Utilize custom audiences as part of remarketing:

One of the important Facebook targeting strategies is remarketing. It helps in connecting with appropriate customers who have already shared their interest in the products. By utilizing Facebook custom audiences focusing options, it is possible to display your advertisements to users who have witnessed your website, users who have viewed at particular products or users who have viewed the sales pages. It is also recommended to leave people who have shopped recently if you feel they have fewer chances to convert again. 

It is necessary to setup Facebook Pixel before starting to utilize Facebook Custom Audiences as per website visits. After installing, you need to create a re-marketing audience.

  • Navigate to Audiences with Ads Manager.
  • Select Create custom audience
  • Select Website traffic
  • Select your pixel
  • Fix the targeting rules
  • Give name to audience and select create audience

4. Target fans of your competitors by utilizing Audience Insights

Audience insights on Facebook provides a lot of important information which helps in understanding the Facebook followers. It is best to utilize the data to master how to aim potential new customers and followers. It is referred as a treasure trove as it helps in a great way in better targeting. One of the important strategies to follow is to find out who you are competing and then focus on existing fans of your competitors.

How to do this?

  • Open audience insights dashboard. Choose everyone on Facebook.
  • You would see ‘create audience’ option on the left side of the page. Utilize the basic targeting choices such as interests, gender, age, and location to develop an audience that matches personality of target audience.
  • Next, select the page likes tab so as to find which page your target audiences have already connected with. Open a text file or spreadsheet and copy-paste the list.
  • Again tick the box for ‘create audience’ and type the name of the competitor’s Facebook pages under the interest box. Remember, not all competitors will appear as interest.
  • On the right part of the screen, you can see the demographic information.  Check this to find any extra audience insights which will help in targeting more precisely.
  • Click save after getting the audience list according to competitor’s fans.

(Follow this video for detailed instructions- )

5. Make use of Ad Relevance Diagnostics to improve targeting:

Facebook has replaced the relevance score with three latest ad relevance diagnostics. They are conversion rate ranking, engagement rate ranking, and quality ranking. Here are some quick ways to enhance your ranking scores for advertisement on Facebook.

  • Concentrate on the quality that includes short copy and visuals.
  • Select the appropriate ad format.
  • Focus on low ad frequency.
  • Optimize ads utilizing A/B testing.
  • Time ads strategically.
  • Always keep watching your competitor’s ads.

If your ads do not perform well, you have to utilize ad relevance diagnostics so as to improve targeting opportunities.

6. Do not be a jerk:

There are several things you should not perform while running your Facebook ads. By doing things that are not relevant or useful, there are chances to damage your association with Facebook and also your potential customers. Some of the things you should not do are explained below:

Do not think that your targeted advertisements are private: Remember, any Facebook user have chances to view your ad if they have viewed your Ad Library that is accessible in Page Transparency Section of your Page.

Do not upload a purchased set of email addresses: This action is actually against terms of service of Facebook Custom Audiences. Next, it is possible for Facebook users to view which business has shared a list in form of advertisement.

The main message you need to note with these points is – though you are an advertiser you are visible to all users on Facebook. So, ensure to play well and don’t be a jerk.


As a Facebook advertiser and user, it is important to have a clear idea about how personal information is used or not used to target ads. There are several tools like Hootsuite Ads that remain simple to create, optimize and manage Facebook ad campaigns. Hope these tips help you to increase your revenue on Facebook Ads.

Author : Sam Makwana – VP of Marketing at Traffic Radius

I am a passionate digital marketer with a creative and analytical mindset. My skill lies in adopting a holistic approach and designing solutions based on the latest marketing trends and web paradigms. With my knowledge and understanding of the various elements of SEO, I believe in adopting an integrated approach for devising effective strategies.