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Chris Bell

A List of Simple and Easy Ways You Can Hang Your Outdoor Banner

The versatility of specially-made outdoor banners can’t be denied – they’re highly effective for a variety of events and purposes, and they’re widely used at concerts, festivals, bazaars, trade shows and exhibitions, and a lot more. Because of their unique characteristics, outdoor banners can easily withstand heavy winds and rain, and they are often made with inks which can also withstand fading due to sunlight exposure. If you have ordered an outdoor banner and are wondering how you can hang it in the proper manner, here’s a list of simple and easy ways to do it.

Using rope

You can easily hang your outdoor banner on any structure which is free-standing (such as a fence or building) with the use of rope. Simply loop or pass the rope through your banner’s grommets, and then fasten the rope to a pole or pillar. You can also hang the banner from all four sides by placing grommets on all the corners; alternatively, you can choose to place grommets only on the top sides of the banner, letting the bottom half hang loose.

Using zip ties

Zip ties provide you with another easy way to hang your outdoor banner. In fact, using zip ties is easier than other methods, as you just need to add four grommets to the banner, one for each side, and then loop or pass the zip ties into the holes. Then just wrap the ends of the ties to the pole or fence, making sure that it’s securely tightened. 

Using bungee cords

You can also use bungee cords to hang your display. Grommets should be added to all four corners of the banner, and then simply attach an end of the cord to the grommet hole. Then secure the loose end of the cord to the structure. Bungee cords are ideal for areas with stronger winds, as you can make your banner as taut as possible.

Using a frame

There are outdoor banners which already come with secure frames such as the ones from experts in banner printing in the UK like Roller Banners UK, making it easier for you to display your banner in many locations. The use of a frame for an outdoor banner is popular at many trade shows and exhibitions.

Using screws and washers

For a more permanent outdoor banner display, you can also make use of screws and washers. To attach your outdoor banner to a wall with screws as well as washers, just put the washers right behind the banner’s grommets, and then place the banner on the wall, making sure that it is flat and even. Then just drive the screws into the banner’s grommets straight into the wall.


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