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Chris Bell

Advertising Merchandise People Will Surely Use

It is a good idea to give something to people for free. When they receive these items, they will think of how good your company was to them. Even if you do not ask them to pay for the merchandise, you will receive free advertising once they use the said

items. The problem is that if what they received was not interesting for them, they might decide not to keep it or even throw it away. You lose the opportunity to advertise for free. As such, if you are thinking about giving out merchandise for free, you need to spend more for quality freebies.

Tote bags

These bags are a huge trend today. Millennials love using these bags because they are flexible and are perfect for daily use. When making tote bags, manufacturers use recyclable materials. It is a good thing among young audiences who are environmentally conscious. With this useful item, you can expect people to use it all the time.


Towels are also a practical choice. People need to use towels each day at home or when travelling. The only downside is that people don’t display their use of towels when they are outside. Hence, no one can see the name and logo of your company. However, if guests and relatives come over, they will notice the towels.


It is another item of merchandise that appeals to millennials. Hoodies have always been a popular type of clothing because they are relaxing and comfortable to use. During the cold weather, hoodies are perfect. Due to the frequent use of this clothing, you can expect people to know more about your company.


Hats are useful, and people love using them. You need to be careful in designing hats though. If you put so much emphasis on your company name and logo that it covers the entire hat, people won’t feel excited about wearing it. Find the perfect design that suits your brand too.


Flip flops are affordable and practical as merchandise to give people. They can wear flip-flops at home or when they are at the beach. It is not easy to notice the name of your company on the flip-flops though if a person is wearing them.


Shirts are timeless as freebies. It was one of the most popular items given to people in the past, and shirts remain popular even now. It is impossible for people to not have shirts in their closet. Whether they are at home or are heading to the grocery store, they can wear an ordinary shirt. Therefore, you can expect people to wear the shirts that you give them. You can ask the best garment t-shirt printing company to design and print the shirts for you. To reduce the cost, you can purchase in bulk.

You need to be smart in deciding which merchandise to use for advertising. You can use all types if you want variety. It also depends on how much you value the person receiving the items.