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Chris Bell

Advertising Tips to Target University Students

In advertising, it is crucial to cater to the needs of your target audience. It is an excellent way to ensure that you catch their attention and attract them to buy your products and services. Every demographic group has needs that you need to cater to. University students are a unique, dynamic and exciting group to advertise to. They are at a point where they are starting to make tough adult decisions, but still, have an inner child in them. These tips will help you create the best ads to appeal to them.

Create a video

Take advantage of videos since they are a staple among students. Given how busy they are with everything that they need to balance, they no longer have enough time to read information. They rely on what they see in videos. Finding topics that are interesting to them that are also related to your business is a good start in attracting them.

Use student ambassadors

You can find social media influencers these days which can easily convince people to buy certain products and services. They are the modern forms of celebrities who have a magnetic appeal. You can use them to your advantage. You can also have student ambassadors who will represent your brand. You train these students to be the face of your company. They have a significant presence on campus, and using them for your marketing campaign can make a huge difference. You can check out Raptor brand marketing to find out how it works.

Rethink the way you put prices on products

Some students might be easy to convince to purchase what you offer. The tricky part is that they don’t have enough funds to buy whatever they want. In between student loans and daily expenses, they have nothing left to buy things that are not in their budget. Therefore, if you wish to attract them, you need to reconsider the price tag for your products and services. Even if you offer quality, if the cost is too high, you can’t expect students to purchase them.

Take out ads in a campus newspaper

Although social media is now the most popular way of advertising among teens, it is still surprising to know that the tradition of publishing campus newspapers is still alive. Several colleges and universities still have student publications, and the information published in these papers is a big deal. Buying an ad in these publications will most likely help you reach a large number of students.

Offer discounts

Going back to the idea that students have a limited budget, they will appreciate it if you offer discounts. They will forget the idea of buying your products and services if they feel like the cost is too high. However, if they see the discounts offered, they will most likely have a change of heart.

It is quite tricky advertising to students who are still young but are struggling to be adults. You want to make them feel that they need what you offer before they decide to spend their money.