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Chris Bell

Competitive Warehousing Options for Business Expansion

If you’re planning on expanding your business, you may need to utilize some extra warehousing and distribution options. And for many companies, choosing the right warehouse will either allow them to remain competitive or put them out of the market entirely. If you’re a savvy business owner, you understand the importance of making the most efficient decision possible.

A few of the options that you have with your warehousing needs would include using a 3rd-party warehouse, having a company create your custom steel buildings, using on-demand possibilities for your product line, or always being prepared to scale if you get a big order in.

3rd Party Options

It may be that your product line is entirely self-sufficient regarding ordering and design, but when it comes to warehouse and distribution details, you simply don’t have the infrastructure in place to make it happen. In that case, using third-party warehousing is going to be your ideal solution. If another company already has that framework in place, you just pay them a fee to use their resources, and they can effectively put you into their pipeline for storage and distribution.

Custom Steel Warehousing

If you have the money to do it, you may be able to have a company create custom steel warehouse solutions for you. Assuming you have the land, the budget, and the resources to start, this can be the best long-term solution. Once you have the steel structures in place, it will be a sunk cost that you will make back the money on very quickly as soon as you start profiting by not having to rent spaces. Steel warehousing designs are meant to last a long time and provide precisely the kind of housing and environmental conditions that you require for your particular product line.


If you want to avoid warehousing entirely, you may be able to use a create-on-demand method. In other words, if you have the tools to do it, for every order that you get, you can make a product. One way to do this is by having a 3D printer on hand that can efficiently produce the product that you’re making. If your product is relatively simple, you can potentially have a machine shop associated with your business as well.

Be Prepared To Scale

One thing that that is unique about businesses that supply a physical product, particularly if it’s a large one, is that a big order can actually make your company go bankrupt. If you don’t have the tools and structure in place to be able to produce a lot of something and then ship it quickly, then the first time someone wants a significant amount of your product, you can fall short of your ability to produce it and then run into a production, warehousing, and distribution nightmare.