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Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Because the workplace is where great minds come together, conflict and disagreement are inevitable. It is how we deal with that conflict that affects our collaborative relationships with colleagues and how we approach future conflict. The sooner you can identify the reasons for conflict, the easier it is to resolve in a cordial and professional manner — and the less detrimental the repercussions.

Big or small, conflict can originate in a number of ways in an environment where individual personalities, quirks and ambitions all come together. It can occur in any type of workplace and even between employees and supervisors or management. Rifts can be caused by:

  • Leadership or work styles
  • Task-based or interdependence disagreements
  • Conflicting personalities
  • Discrimination

Why Is Conflict Resolution Important for the Workplace?

Conflict has an effect on several aspects of the workplace. When issues are left unresolved, co-workers can become passive-aggressive and make the working environment uncomfortable. Productivity can take a hit as employees become preoccupied with discord and are unable to effectively collaborate. This can dampen morale and negatively impact company culture, demonstrating why quick resolution is so critical.

The first step to ironing out conflict in the workplace is to keep emotions under control. Listening and keeping an open mind is important for accepting the existence of conflict and making progress toward a resolution. To develop a plan to resolve conflict, start by identifying the reason for it, whether that’s a creative disparity, a difference in approach or a clash of personalities.

A major reason for employee strife stems from non-existent or failed communication, so make sure to converse calmly when considering how to move forward toward a resolution. With open minds and a dedication to reaching common ground, resolving workplace disputes can help employees grow as a team and prevent future conflict.

Author bio: Jeff Martin is Director of Marketing and Merchandising at LogoSportswear, the online leader in custom apparel for over 25 years. Martin, who has held this position since 2007, has more than 20 years of industry knowledge and e-commerce expertise.