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Chris Bell

Enjoy a Great Conference: Savvy Survival Tips for Business Travelers

There are many things that often need to come together in order for you to consider your conference attendance was a success and if you have some strategies in place to deal with all the required travel arrangements and other requirements, it should be time well spent.

Here are some tips to help you eliminate most of the usual stresses associated with attending a conference, including an overview of health issues associated with travel, how a few useful gadgets can be a big help, plus a reminder to get your evening plans into shape in plenty of time.

Fit for the conference

If there is one particular aspect of business travel and big gatherings like attending a major conference that can often get overlooked, it is the need to take some sensible health precautions.

It should go without saying that eating the right foods and getting enough sleep in preparation for your flight and extended time spent at the conference will help you to cope with the journey and trip better.

Planes can be filled with all sorts of bacteria and viruses as a result of reduced air quality in the air and it is well worth remembering that conferences can be a hotbed of germs too when you consider the close proximity of so many people.

Think about packing plenty of disinfecting wipes and some basic medicines to help combat an upset stomach or any signs of a flu virus coming, as well having plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Conference gadgets

If you stay in a hotel like a Marriott, for example, you will have the usual access to things like WiFi and charging points for your gadgets, but if you are going to spending a long part of the day at a conference you will need to have a backup plan.

Consider packing some useful business travel gadgets like a portable battery pack, smartphone battery charger, and the option of a personal Wi-Fi hotspot is also well worth having so you are not messing around trying to connect to the services provided by the conference organizers.

Time to dine

Another aspect that can be frustrating when it comes to large conferences is the distinct lack of available tables at most of the restaurants nearby.

Don’t be one of those delegate left out in the cold with nowhere to wine and dine in the evening after the conference has finished for the day. Avoid that frustration improve your networking opportunities by making a dinner reservation well in advance, so that you can invite guests and also ensure you get to eat at your preferred venue.

Connect with social media

Many conferences have a Twitter hashtag sorted so that there are regular updates from delegates and it is always a good idea to keep in touch with people via social media prior to the event as well as during it.

You need to maximize your return from your attendance and that means using all the networking tools available to you as well as being prepared for all of the various aspects associated with business conferences.

Get all that sorted and you increase your odds of a enjoying a successful event.