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Chris Bell

How disposable jute bags are changing our attitudes towards throwaway packaging

Whilst we are often told that to be sustainable with our packaging we need to make sure we encourage reuse, there are some initiatives around the world that are promoting the use of disposable, biodegradable products.

Scientists in Bangladesh may have discovered a way to use the once-revered material, jute, to create green, biodegradable jute bags. With the ban on plastics in the country, many firms, both domestic and international are taking advantage of the new product. The new product more closely resembles plastic bags rather than the traditional ‘bag for life’ jute bags.

What is different about the new disposable jute bags?

Many different businesses around the world have adopted jute bags into their business model. However, they have usually been the ‘bags for life’ that are sold to customers at a small premium.

The new jute bag invention uses the ‘golden fibre’ involves the spinning of it into thin cellulose biodegradable sheets that can be recycled or biodegraded within three months. The Bangladeshi government has approved funding for the bags to be manufactured and distributed. Bangladesh was one of the first countries to ban disposable plastic bags in 2002 to stop the waste ending up in one of the countries many waterways. 

How can disposable jute bags help reduce landfill pollution?

Whilst many initiatives have been launched to try and minimize the use of plastic bags and promote the use of reusable ones, many poorer countries find themselves with few alternative options. The Bangladeshi government hopes the new disposable jute bags will fill the gap in the market. Demand is predicted to be in the millions with customers predicted around the world for the new disposable jute bags.

The production of the new jute bags will not only help the environment but also improve Bangladesh’s economy by promoting economic growth through new jobs. 

How can I adopt sustainable jute bags into my business model?

The war on plastic bags has been noticeable for the past few years now and this means there is a big demand for jute bags. If the product takes off, becoming an early adopter could give your retail business a unique selling point. 

With plastic bags now very out of favour with UK consumers now is the perfect time to make the switch towards some environmentally sustainable options.