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Chris Bell

How Self-Storage can help your business do more

For most small to medium businesses, investing in self-storage can be a great help. For a few, it’s downright essential. Even if you don’t operate out of a shop-front or some other location visible to the public, clutter will always hold you back. And even if you run a tidy ship, the potential benefits of investing in self-storage are many.
The best part is that it has actually never been cheaper to do so, and the options have never been more varied. Most self-storage companies will offer a range of storage unit sizes, ranging from a few square feet to warehouse-scale, and everything in between. There are also a range of additional services on offer, which can be indispensable in several business situations. Read on for a few ways in which self-storage could help give your business the boost it needs.

Storage space at your business address could be making you money

There’s a simple question to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to invest in storage space. Is the money I would spend on placing items in storage less than the money I could make from the freed up space at my business address? The answer is nearly always, in the long run, yes. Some renovation or repurposing might be required at first, but the room you free up by placing items in storage could provide extra space for customers, employees or products.

If your business is retail or catering, clutter is simply unacceptable

This point could be extended to any place of business which receives any kind of customer or client, but is especially true of retail and catering that clutter is a big no. In a retail environment, visible items – even in a different room – distract from the items you are trying to sell, as well as more generally spoiling your shop floor layout. In a café or bar, clutter suggests a lack of hygiene, which is a sure-fire way to turn customers away for good. Self-storage can help get these items away from your place of business, yet still keep them within easy access.

Self-storage is probably necessary for an online business

If you are running an online business where you do not meet customers face-to-face, there’s no sense in buying a specialised business premises at first. However, if your business is going to be successful, you’re going to be dealing in quantities of products that you cannot reasonably keep in your home. Self-storage allows you to pay for precisely the space you need for the stock that you currently handle. As this stock grows, it’s easy to upgrade to larger spaces without any fuss.

Document storage is perfect for data handling

Most data a business processes these days is electronic, but by no means all of it. From paper contracts to hard disks and memory sticks, self-storage companies often provide a document storage service, which takes the headache of storing mountains of physical copies of data. This is especially useful for accountants and solicitors who often have paper copies of notes and client work dating back decades! Can you imagine the amount of paper?

Who are we?

GTW Storage are a family run self-storage company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We’re a fifth generational business that has been looking after other people’s property since 1903. Our building in James Watt Street Glasgow was, originally, a Tobacco Warehouse of some note in the city of the name The Glasgow Tobacco Warehouse Co. Ltd. It is an icon dating back to the days when the Glasgow was a thriving international port.