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Chris Bell

How Some Graduates Started a Successful Betting Consultancy

The normal course of action for a group of graduates who would effectively be bringing together complementary specialties would likely see them being employed by some company that can use all their different expertise, but sometimes graduates come together to perhaps start their own operation. Granted the rarity of such an event is associated with the many dynamics surrounding the acquisition of those qualifications, such as student debt to have to pay back and perhaps each graduate having had a different sponsor whose graduate programme they subsequently have to go through.

One exceptional case is that of graduates who came together to start and operate a successful betting consultancy business, which I could very well spend a lot of time explaining just exactly how it works, but what I’m rather going to do is zone-in on a very specific aspect of how they run their operation. I’m going to explain how each graduate, with each of their expertise brought to the table, interacts with what is perhaps the lifeblood of their operation, which is betting bonuses and special promos.

How the Mathematical Stats major uses Betfair promo codes

So these graduates don’t quite make up the full complement of members who came together to start-up their betting consultancy and they’re not listed in any particular order. Kicking things off with the first of these grads is the one who majored in Mathematical Statistics. What she did as part of her interaction with and deployment of some Betfair promo codes they acquired is simply re-calculate the new odds of winning in line with the increased permutations the group could now cover on account of the bonuses.

She reports it to be work that’s lots of fun, because in addition to increasing the odds of the group amassing direct returns on the bets placed, these bonuses in the form of extra credits, extra spins, extra chips, etc, make for some real-world deployments of sample points that help them further develop their betting strategies.

How the Programmer deploys Betfair promo codes

The Programmer in the group also reports to really enjoy his job overall, but specifically that portion of it which has him scraping the web for promotional codes. So what he does with them is create a knowledgebase or database of keywords and key-phrases which allow his ever-evolving internal software application to create alerts on new promo codes that get generated and released. With the Betfair promo codes he scored big-time though, because everything is effectively made available via one platform.

I can just imagine how much of a fun challenge it would be to be able to enjoy the freedom of creating software solutions that come with the prospect of resulting in a huge payday!

How the marketing coordinator uses Betfair promo codes

The marketing guy in the group works very closely with the Statistician to see just how much of the running capital they can put aside to create marketing campaigns for the consultancy side of the business, which of course is secondary to the primary part of the business, which is the actual betting.

The whole operation works as somewhat of an investment group where end-clients either invest some money which is pooled together to cover as many betting permutations as possible, or they buy the reports compiled out of the market analysis completed by the group’s experts.

Basically it’s like giving yourself a shot at winning some good money by consulting with a group of people who have made it their business to study gambling and betting.