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Chris Bell

How to Build a Successful Start-up

There are no right or wrong ways to start a business – but there are tips that generally help you succeed. Although it certainly pays cautious, there are also times where you should be brave and take the riskier option for a chance of success. The process of becoming a successful entrepreneur is a process that involves the utilisation of all of your skillsets as well as a steep learning curve to understand all that’s expected of a CEO and founder. It’s great fun – and more fun if you bear the below tips in the forefront of your mind as you work towards your future successes.

Implement UX Principles

The nature of commerce is to sell a product to another person, and although you may think that your idea will make you financially successful, it is worthwhile spending the majority of your planning time thinking about your target audience and how they may utilize the product. This is also the time to ask yourself difficult questions such as ‘Is this product necessary?’ or ‘Does it already exist?’

Once you have confirmed the answers to these questions and feel you’re ready to proceed, it’s time to research. The concept of UX is based around user experiences of a product (often within the digital realm – e.g. an app, game or phone) and therefore you will need to conduct assessments with typical users of their project to gain valuable insights. By testing your product in the early stages, you will save time in the process of designing, building and marketing your wonderful new product.

‘Pump Up’ your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a wonderful tool for recent entrepreneurs – it gives you a chance to engage with potential users of your product and is a very strong base for you to begin marketing campaigns. Because social media is such a dominant element in many people’s lives, your social channels may end up being far more important than your website. However, it is worthwhile to consider how social media impacts your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) because it will be an instrumental element in your overall strategy.

It is worth mentioning that experts recommend that you focus on just one or two social platforms instead of struggling to maintain five poorly-run social media accounts. By focusing your energy in one place, you have an increased chance of success within the social sphere and you can build on them.

Reap the Benefits of E-commerce

When the internet became monetized in the late 1980s, business changed forever. Although there are reasons why commercialising the internet has caused problems for our society – one being our high-street shops closing due to cheaper items being available online – it has also meant that entrepreneurs can sell their products to people from across the globe.

Another bonus is that starting an e-commerce business is relatively cheap because you do not need a physical store. This is a huge explanation behind the giant rise in start-ups. If you are going to start with e-commerce, it is recommended that you find a highly qualified web developer to assist you with your new business venture. Only these individuals can really plan your site and your digital content to work effectively for your bottom line: profit.

There is no clear or defined route to becoming a successful entrepreneur or running a start-up that becomes commercially successful, but these tips will give you some guidance. As to what to concentrate on in the weeks and months ahead.