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Chris Bell

How To Build Customer Loyalty Through Your Brand Identity

Brand identity represents the core expression of a brand towards the outside world, one that includes its logo, name, communications, and other visuals. It is about how the brand feels, looks and speaks to the people. In the end, it is about how you communicate with your audience, what will differentiate your business from the competition and offer an experience that engages and envelops the audience. When we think about Apple, LEGO or Levi’s, we can clearly see how some brands have elevated this to an art. 

But gaining and retaining customers is hard. And those aren’t even loyal consumers, just current ones. To bring them in, they need to be aware and excited about your brand, even more than for other brands.  But once they get emotional, the whole slew of different tactics is required. They don’t want to be sold to or reminded about how great is their choice every time they purchase your product or service. What they wish is to feel rewarded – so their decision stays locked-in while they become loyal to your brand.

Loyalty and satisfaction

Satisfied consumers are key to propel any brand to maximum heights. But satisfied customers may not necessarily become loyal ones. Satisfaction with a service or a product must be complemented with an emotional connection with a brand. Quality from products is already expected, but a bond between a brand and its customers is the first step towards loyal consumers.

You need to give your audience something original that will separate your brand from the competition, something that brings emotions to the table and sparks excitement in them. For instance, your brand should have an original brand persona that captures the attention of your consumers. This persona is a key that opens the hearts of your clients and lets you build a long-standing relationship with them.

When people get emotional about their brand, in a positive sense, they will defend their reputation and become loyal to it. Even better, they will choose your brand over another over and over again, and protect it fervently. They won’t mind the imperfections in your business operations and will continuously promote it through word-of-mouth.

Creating a Brand Identity

To do this successfully a multidisciplinary approach is needed, one that will mix various media through a coordinated digital ecosystem.

Firstly, identify your target audience. The target audience consists of internal and external groups of people, customers, employees, and business partners. You need to clearly understand what are you targeting if you wish to hit the mark. Research and analyze them thoroughly – their lifestyles, interests, demographics, behaviors, age, and gender. If you haven’t got the time for it, consult with professionals such as this branding agency from Melbourne.

Next, choose your key business goals. Building a brand identity without integrating it with your short and long-term goals can become a disaster on its own. Once this is completed, it is time to identify your brand persona. One that appeals emotionally to your audience and clearly speaks about what separates you from the competition and what benefits come when someone purchases your service or product. Let it be simple but relevant, anything complex easily becomes an instant turn-off for your audience.

Inspiring loyalty

To inspire loyalty in your audience and have them for life you need to create a relationship with them and establish trust. The first path of achieving this is by offering a discount to your returning customers. Since everyone loves a good, deal it represents a great way to reward them. Although, reward only those that come back. A big discount isn’t necessary, a small one will do just fine. They will see you acknowledge and appreciate them for doing business with you and that you are thankful for their return.

Secondly, you can post updates about your business or even your personal life – if you don’t mind such sharing. Your clients will start to feel like they know you. Here you create an intimate, although public, relationship with your audience where they think they have entered the backstage of a concert. And voila, suddenly you’re human in their eyes. And everyone likes to work real humans, instead of cold, inhumane, big companies that are in it only for the money. Additionally, develop personal branding here as well. Update your website or social media pages – to better humanize your brand, that will greatly complement your other efforts.

Last but not least, give your current customers rewards for referring other people to you. Again, another great way to show appreciation. Also, you’ll get more customers.

In conclusion, remember to remain consistent in your brand identity presentation and communications in order not to confuse your customers. When you promote your brand efficiently, you will inspire loyalty in your customers and always have a place in their hearts and minds.