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Chris Bell

How to Create the Perfect Photo Book

A photo book is a perfect way to tell your life story. It doesn’t only help you walk down memory lane, but also create experiences.

Did you know you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to make beautiful photobooks?

If you have chosen the right photos, then you are good to go. Having a photobook from Mixbook is always a great plus. We have customized our products to suit different tastes and preferences.

Here’s what you need to know when designing photo books.

1. The motive is a key factor

When creating a Photo book, you evaluate the driving force behind it and its purpose. The motive always affects the project and plays a crucial role in determining the layout.

You might be planning to sell it to publishers, to exhibit it in galleries, or to share moments with friends and families.

The target audience always determines the nature of the photobook to use. At Mixbook, our highly-qualified professionals will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect fit for you.

2. Tell a story

Let your photobook have an introduction, body, and an ending. You should also select a theme which you intend to build on. Just like in essay writing, randomly thrown ideas can confuse the audience. Importantly, bombarding photo books with too much information can make them mind-numbing.

You can pass a lot of information by using carefully selected photos. Therefore, before you embark on the project, make sure you take some time to sort through your photos and select the relevant ones. You can use well-placed phrases and titles to elaborate more on your photos. For instance, when building your kid’s profile, you can use phrases like, “First Day in School,” “First Birthday” and so on.

Remember, the intention of using photos to tell a story is to eliminate the hassle that comes with written materials and to create mental visualization of a particular event or occasion.

3. The Style of Photo Book matters

Remember, photo books vary depending on their concept. You should always pick the right style that goes with a particular theme. At Mixbook, we know this, that’s why we have an assortment of photo books to suit any occasion, theme, or preference. They come with beautifully designed covers, which have soft, flexible, and durable pages.

You can choose from our:

  • New Premium Lustre Lay Flat Book- A blend of thick pages with a glossy and subtle sheen that makes your photo pop with color
  • Hardcover Photo Albums- Comes with over 200 pages made from top-notch paper, perfect for those who cannot afford to play favorites with their photos.
  • 6×6 Mini Photo Book- They Come in pocket sizes and are highly customized. It’s a great way to create a lasting impression by gifting a loved one.

If you are not sure of what style you need, our highly-qualified professionals will be more than happy to help.

4. White Space is a Great Plus

In graphics design, white spaces make things look fresh. That is why you should not try to cover the whole page with photos.

A photo mounted on a page with white borders makes it very professional. The less photos, the better the look. Therefore, don’t shy away from leaving large margins if possible.

With that in mind, are you looking for a perfect photobook? At Mixbook we are second to none.