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Chris Bell

How to Finance Bigger Projects Without Jeopardising Your Business

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Despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit clouding the market, the economy is actually growing at a steady rate. Businesses are taking advantage of this sustainable growth to expand their operations and grow alongside the economy. For many businesses, growing means taking on bigger projects and dealing with larger orders.

This could lead to the need for a loan, which is something that needs to be taken seriously. To be able to finance bigger projects, use them for the growth of the business, and maintain control over business finances in general, here are the tips you need to know.

Plan for Cash Flow

Cash flow sits at the heart of every business. A business with a healthy cash flow is a healthy business. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy cash flow is harder than it seems in many situations, especially when you have loans to repay.

Before taking out a loan to finance your project or order, be sure to plan ahead and simulate how your business cash flow will look with the financing added into the equation. Can you afford the loan? Will the business be able to keep up with monthly payments without struggling?

Planning for cash flow gives you one additional benefit, and that is the ability to determine if the return on investment or ROI of the project is well worth pursuing. You now have another point of view you can use when reviewing the financing options you want to utilise.

Use the Right Financing Option

Not all financing options are created equal. A secured loan, for instance, is more suited for long-term projects or multiple projects that are strung together in a certain period of time. Taking out a secured loan to finance a one-time order is definitely not the way to go. The cost of the loan will be too high for the project to remain profitable.

On the other hand, there are short-term loans designed to act as the perfect alternative finance option. A merchant cash advance allows you to get the funding you need for an order without having to deal with the long-term repayment scheme. Using this type of financing for an extended period is also not recommended.

It is easy to see how choosing the right financing option can make a lot of difference. Plan carefully and decide on a financing option that suits your specific circumstance the best.

Stick to the Plan

One last thing to keep in mind when financing a project or an order is to always stick to the plan. Think of the project as a loop that needs to be closed. This way, you won’t be tempted to extend the loan you need for other projects or purposes.

Sticking to the plan allows you to avoid hazards such as loan-related fees and having to deal with more interest. By closing the loop, you also have better control over how to utilise the financing options available to you; you’ll be able to make the most of the best loans at the best times, giving you the opportunity to save on each loan and maximize your ROI.