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Chris Bell

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction With Your Online Business.

eCommerce and customer service experts provide ways in which you can improve customer satisfaction when it comes to online businesses. It is not always easy to provide excellent customer service, but here are some tips that might help!

(1) Automated Emails at Every Step.

Something that I always appreciate from businesses, whether small or large, is knowing all of the tracking and pertinent information about my package once I place an order online. Although automated confirmation emails can fill up your inbox quickly, when I do not receive one, it makes me feel as though my order was not processed correctly.

These automated confirmation and shipment emails provide customers with peace of mind, which increases their overall satisfaction. Providing tracking information is also just as important to allow the customer to keep an eye on their package and be prepared for its delivery. With these emails you can also provide contact information for if the customer has questions about their package, which is another step towards making their whole purchase experience a good one.

(2) Gather Feedback and Use It.

Customer feedback is a major part of making sure a customer is satisfied with your online services and products. Reviews and feedback can help you to make improvements in certain areas, and can also encourage other people to buy from your business, says K. Marie Alto, Co-founder at Toe Beans.

“To gather this feedback, sending out personalized surveys and quick questionnaires can be helpful. As well as asking them if they would be willing to leave a review after making a purchase. Reviews and feedback are especially important for online-only companies as consumers cannot physically buy a product before purchasing and need to rely on good quality pictures and reviews from previous customers in order to make a decision.”

(3) Make Your Website Easy to Navigate and Visually Pleasing.

When it comes to a successful online business, the website and how it comes across, is highly important. Your site should also be easy to navigate, so it is easier for the customer to shop around. You also need to make sure it is visually pleasing as this will keep them on your website for a much longer period of time, says Jim Sullivan, Founder of JCSI.

“The pictures you choose should be high quality and the font you choose should be simple and easy to read. Although you can be unique with certain elements of your online shop or business, simplicity is key. Anything too complex with bright colors can deter people from staying on your website, therefore not making any purchases.”

(4) Provide Customer Service on All Platforms.

The majority of businesses who have an online store also have a presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. This means that there are many ways for a customer to reach you, not just via email or your website.

According to Lucie Chavez, CMO of Radaris, customer service is everything!

“All platforms should make it easy for you to assist with customer service. This can make it easier for a quicker connection between the customer and business, and to make sure they receive the right service. A customer’s experience is largely due to the customer service you provide, and if you only have one form of communication, you are hindering the service they receive. Checking these platforms frequently will help to keep on top of any questions or concerns from customers, and they will be less likely to leave a negative review.”

(5) Engage With Your Customers.

Engagement is something that we are seeing more of with online businesses. Interacting with your customers really helps with increasing their satisfaction, and is also a great way to build brand recognition.

Responding to comments they leave on your social media platforms, as well as responding to their reviews on your website can help build loyalty and increase repeat customers. It also makes your business much more personable which is helpful when you have a lot of competition.

Once you have implemented the above mentioned tips, consider checking the CSAT score (customer experience metric) to analyze the impact. Having a quantitative metric of how satisfied customers are, and more importantly, qualitative feedback that explains can help improve your product/service.

Customer satisfaction is something that cannot be overlooked while trying to promote the brand. Having lifelong loyal customers can help a business grow and become successful.