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Chris Bell

How to Inspire Great Leadership Thinking

There is more to being a leader than just barking orders. A leader that inspires can transform a business in multiple ways and build up a strong team of people that want to work for them. Being a good leader is about inspiring others to be the best that they can be in any given situation. Therefore, leadership is both a skill and an art form.

Why Great Leadership is Important

Great leadership can inspire change within organisations and industries. 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, that’s great for companies because it means that productivity is up, but it’s also great for employees themselves because it reduces stress and mental health issues at work and makes them feel valued.

Being on the receiving end of great leadership is something that will stick with you long after you have moved on from the job or left your mentor behind.

It’s important for the mentor too, there is new evidence to show that when discussing leadership in a coaching context, coaches and their clients point out the same critical moments in a coaching session where they both know a change had happened.

This is why great leadership is vital!

Learning to lead

One of the best ways to learn to lead is to find a mentor. Mentorship and coaching can have an enormous effect on your life and career, and, in turn, you will be able to pass these skills onto people that you will mentor and coach

There are many fantastic articles on the internet that can teach you how to lead, and as well as courses you can take and workshops you can attend in both leadership training and coaching that will help you become a leader that inspires.

Gaining inspiration from professionals in the field will mean you are developing the skills to really turn around both your life and someone you are working with. Being an effective leader means leading from the front, taking the first step, and finding the best way forward for everyone.

How to inspire great leadership

When asked about how to inspire others, Canadian Clinical Psychologist and University of Toronto Professor, Dr Jordan B Peterson said:

“Every single person who gets their act together a little bit had the capacity to spread that around them. It’s a chain reaction and so it’s a lovely thing to see.”

Inspiring a change in mindset in others is about understanding where they are right now, seeing where they could be, and then helping them to discover that journey for themselves.

A tyrant may try to force their will upon someone to insist that they do things their way and their way only, but a great leader will show the people they are working with the options and allow them to make their own path to success. Great leaders support people on their journey. They are honest but not judgemental, supportive, but not patronising. Balance is the key here.

A manager may set out a path for an employee to follow and check in on the results, a great leader will find out where an employee wants to be and work with them to achieve their goals.

Supported and inspired people work harder and are more productive, so great leadership can make a huge difference.