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Chris Bell

How to Manage a Communal Office Space for Maximum Productivity

Any business operator whose value proposition is created in the corporate office space these days likely has a flexible staffing management structure. As a result, it’s not uncommon to have a communal office space, but communal offices have to be managed a certain way in order for their occupants, who likely come and go, to maintain maximum productivity.

Dynamic layout

The layout of the office space has to be dynamic, which means making frequent changes to the arrangement of the furniture, upholstery and other equipment such as docking stations. The idea is for all the people who come to the working space to get the sense that something is always happening and that there is always something about to happen. This includes permanent staff, temps, remote workers and even clients who pop-by for a meeting or a consultation.

Basically you can never change the layout too often…

The periodic Big Office Clean

Every so often you’ll also have to have a #BigOfficeClean carried out, bringing in the professionals to deep clean the working space and effectively make it look like it’s a brand new office space. The likelihood is that many of the contents of the office would have to be moved or perhaps even removed while the deep cleaning is carried out, which perhaps makes for the perfect opportunity to align this periodic big office clean with the latest changes to the dynamic layout of the working space.


What you’ll likely find is that a deep clean that’s done properly gives the office a lasting sheen and freshness, but to maintain what is effectively a new-building appearance you’d be encouraged to institute some running maintenance. It is after all easier to keep a room clean than to wait for it to get really dirty before having it deep cleaned, but this takes nothing away from the need to have it deep cleaned every so often.

The basics should form part of your ongoing maintenance, such as perhaps having an internal cleaning staff mopping up, dusting up, picking up any trash that may find its way onto the floor and into some awkward places, and even small cleaning actions such as shaking out the computer keyboards to rid them of some dust.