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Chris Bell

How to Promote Health and Safety in Your Workshop

Health and safety are not something you can avoid. Not only do you have a moral responsibility to provide a safe environment for your employees, but you also have a moral obligation to help them stay healthy and happy. An employee that feels well supported and has the space to care for their health and wellbeing is an employee that will be more loyal and productive. This means you need to go above and beyond legal requirements, and follow this guide today.

How to Ensure Your Office Environment is Safe

Thankfully, there are plenty of rules and regulations in the UK when it comes to health and safety. For the most part, following the guidelines and necessary precautions is more than enough to keep everyone safe and secure. Other things that you can do to improve security, however, include:

Use Only Strong Equipment and Storage Items

It doesn’t matter if you have heavy tools or just a lot of paperwork. You want your storage systems to be strong and dependable. Plywood shelves can be very cheap, yes, but even a heavy set of books or filing boxes can cause them to buckle and break over time. If they were to break while an employee is reaching for something you could be liable for their injury. Instead of risking this, invest in strong G – Rack shelving. Its metal frame is built to hold heavy equipment from 175kg to 265kg, making them the perfect solution for offices and workshops alike.

Have an Easy-to-Use Reporting System

You cannot possibly expect to know of every fault and break that occurs in your company. That is why it is important to set up a reporting system so that your employees can report on anything unusual or that needs maintenance as soon as they recognize a problem. For example, if you own a workshop, have each employee write up a report at the end of the day that allows them to make a note of any changes in the equipment.

How to Better the Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

Just as their safety is important, so too is their health and wellness. A well employee is happier, more loyal, and more productive, so do your part by implementing practices that promote a healthy lifestyle.

·         Have a Good Break Room and Promote Healthy Eating

Your break room should have all your employees need to prepare meals at home. A microwave, fridge, kettle, and even a small toaster oven or toastie maker can go a long way to encouraging them to prepare and bring healthy meals from home.

·         Be Flexible with Hours

Your employees have lives outside of the office, and offering a flexible working schedule can help them deal with the daily challenges they face at home. For example, if their kids are sick, let them take the day off and make up the hours later.

As a manager or business owner, it is your duty to provide a healthy and safe environment for your employees. Caring for your employees like this will improve their loyalty to your company and help them be more productive every day.