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Chris Bell

How To Quickly Implement Your Business Idea in 2019

It’s the beginning of a new year, and you are ready for a change. Perhaps you are disenchanted with your work. Maybe you look at the owners of your current company and think, “I could do this better.” Maybe you see a market that is not getting its needs met. Perhaps it’s time for you to take the plunge and start your own enterprise. Starting your own company is a little frightening. Actually, it can be down-right scary. You will probably worry about making enough money to pay for your personal expenses. You will probably worry about getting affordable health insurance. You are probably worrying about failing. It is time to push those worries aside and take action on your dreams. You only have one life. Don’t spend it thinking that you will start your own company “someday.” Make 2019 your “someday.”

Follow these steps to implement your business idea in 2019 quickly.

Order business cards.

This may sound like you are putting the cart before the horse, but there is something about having a business card with your name and title that can be inspiring to people. For one thing, seeing those business card designs may spur you into action, especially if you leave them scattered about your home. Tape one to your bathroom mirror. Put one in your wallet. Give them to your friends. These business cards should act as a reminder of your dreams. They should serve as an inspiration to get things done.

Write in a journal.

Keep your momentum going by writing your thoughts, inspirations, and action lists in a journal. Make a list of the reasons why you are ready to start your own company. Write in a physical notebook and carry it with you everywhere. On days when your dream seems so far away, you can look back at your thoughts and become re-inspired.

Give yourself a deadline.

Keep a calendar in your journal with the date circled when you would like your business to be up and running. Make the deadline realistic but also one that is feasible. Set mini deadlines on larger tasks to make sure you are moving forward at an appropriate pace. For example, set a deadline for your business plan to be complete. Set a deadline for all of the federal and state forms to be filled out and filed. With these deadlines and mini-deadlines in mind . . .

Complete an action item every day.

Perhaps one day you vow to complete one section of your business plan. Use one evening to fill out forms to get federal and state tax ID numbers. Visit your bank and set up a business account. Write down your action items in your journal. Keep a to-do list and cross the item off when it is complete. Don’t beat yourself up if the only thing you finished in one day is that you printed off some forms. Every little step in the process that you complete is progress.

Read all about it.

Use your downtime to read about your industry. Read books by successful entrepreneurs. Take notes from business start-up guides. Read inspirational books about achievement and goal setting. Go to lectures designed for beginning entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in positive messages.

Start making connections.

We all know how important it is to know the right people. This is true at every level and in every industry. If you are not an extrovert, become one. This can be very difficult for introverts, but most businesses only thrive if you make connections with others. If your company will be seeking customers from your local community, join the chamber of commerce and attend the meetings. Attend city council meetings to meet the movers and shakers in your area. Create an attractive and professional LinkedIn profile. Spend a little time on LinkedIn each day reaching out to people in similar industries. Ask advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

Don’t forget about your relationships.

Starting a business, especially if you are still working full-time at your old job, can be a time-consuming process. It is easy to get so excited about your action items and goals that you may begin to ignore those around you. Don’t let your drive to be a business owner ruin your personal relationships, especially the relationships you have with your family. Your success will not be nearly as satisfying if it is built on broken relationships. Take time to spend time with your loved ones.

Good luck and have a prosperous 2019!