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Chris Bell

How to start a drop shipping online store

A drop shipping business is a logistic model that allows you to sell products to your customers without holding any inventory. It enables you to sell products you have no ownership simply by connecting sellers to buyers. Your focus is to market them and in return receive a profit margin from your supplier. Let’s explore the steps necessary when starting a drop shipping eCommerce store.

Selecting a niche
The first step when starting a drop shipping business is choosing a niche. The key to promoting sales and growth profit is choosing the niche correctly. It is highly recommended that you choose a niche you are familiar and allows you to manage your business easily. It is also advisable to select niches with low shipping costs and make sure your products are appealing to the impulse buyers with disposable income. Products not readily available locally are also an attractive niche and as they are attractive to potential customers.

Performing competitive research
The second step to identifying and starting a successful drop shipping store is to perform a market research for your products. You are getting into the drop shipping market with other online competitors. Make sure your niche of interest is less saturated. Identify the top sellers on amazon and analyze their product listings and their customer review. Get as much information as possible before building your dropshipping business. Such sites can a perfect place to look for ideas that will improve and differentiate your products from competitors.

Securing a drop shipping supplier
Sometimes finding a reliable supplier for your products can be a major challenge. Your drop shipping business relies on your suppliers to ensure provision of quality products and timely delivery of customers’ orders. You need a supplier that has experience in drop shipping so that you are assured you can count on them at all time. One way of achieving this is by optimizing google keywords in your online searches to attract good dropshipping suppliers. Another way is to identify trustworthy suppliers from wholesale directory. This option saves you time and protects from engaging with eCommerce fraudsters.

Pricing strategies
The main goal of starting any business is to generate income and earn profits. You need to come up with the best strategy for pricing your products. The price of your products should be higher than the original price suppliers’ price. However, your customers should be satisfied with the prices you choose for your products. This means that you should set reasonable prices that lure customers to buy your products but high enough to generate revenue.

Building your eCommerce drop shipping website
Ecommerce platforms such as provides some of the best solutions for launching a website that supports drop shipping business models. The website will serve as a selling platform for your products. It is wise to choose your drop shipping store from such a platform rather than designing your own. Making your own web store guarantees you certain benefits like a business independent of third party and less competition from the sellers on your platform. The major shortcomings is that takes a lot of time to build a website and rank it on google. Therefore, you must incur extra costs of investing in search engine optimization and marketing.

Creating a customer acquisition plan
Once you have built an e-commerce website for your drop shipping business, the next step is to develop strategies for attract and acquiring customers. You can achieve this through advertising and marketing. While Google Ads can be effective for eCommerce, Facebook Ads are more efficient for dropshipping. You may also consider other options like blogging, social media influencer marketing, magazines ads. With proper marketing strategies, your business will expand over time as you build a customer base. Other important strategies include search engine optimization and email marketing.

Analyzing and optimizing
You need to track your main customer acquisition channels using tools like Facebook Pixel. Tracking your customer data enables you know where your customers come from, and websites linking to your drop shipping online stores that lead to sales. Data analysis can also enable you scale what works for your business and remove what is not working. Keep on testing new ideas and opportunities, this allows you to know what methods to optimize.