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Chris Bell

How to Use Custom Badges to Boost Your Business

Custom badges are one of the marketing strategies used by businesses to sell their brands. They are the most cost-effective form of marketing and still serve the same purpose as other strategies like advertising through billboards. They are easy to make and can be ordered and delivered within a short time and used as a last-minute marketing tool. Despite them being small, they are resourceful and are used in a number of ways to create cognizance, build brand devotion, and motivate staff. The following are some of the ways that custom badges can be used to boost your business.

As Part of Staff Uniform

For uniformity and easy identification of employees, staff can wear custom badges that are printed with the company logo as part of their uniform. This promotes customer trust in your business as it brings a sense of class and professionalism. It will also act as an internal way to promote your business as it is eye-catching and easily recognizable.

As a Gift to Customers

Many businesses appreciate their loyal customers by organizing luncheons and presenting giveaways. According to badge manufacturers uk, custom badges can be used as they are less expensive and can cover a bigger number of customers. This makes the customers feel part of the business and that their efforts are appreciated.

As Motivation to Staff

They can be issued as a special prize to employees at company events and as recognition to high-performing staff. Making it a culture for performing employees to earn a badge can motivate others to improve their work. New employees can also be motivated by being given badges as it makes them feel that they are part of the business and accepted. In return, they will wear them and help to increase brand recognition.

Sell a New Product or Service

Custom badges can be designed to promote new products or services to the market. Get potential customers’ attention by offering free badges with a caption that gives an idea about the product or service. The ultimate result is introducing your new product, and in the end, gaining a pool of loyal customers. This also reduces the cost incurred in marketing as you can reach a larger number of people.

As a Promotion Strategy for Events

A large number of people attend trade fairs and exhibitions, and it can be a huge task getting their attention. Many businesses issue leaflets or business cards to customers visiting their stands as they take a short time at each table. These can be easily lost or misplaced, thereby not serving their purpose. Custom badges are more ideal gifts as they are more likely to be kept longer, thus a constant reminder of your product as long as the customer has it.


The use of custom badges gives your enterprise exposure without spending a lot. You can promote your business both internally and externally at a lower cost and can reach a larger customer base. They are long-lasting and have no time limit, thus giving a lasting impression to the holder. They can be used in many other ways to continually improve your business image.