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Chris Bell

Is AI the future for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

Let’s face it, artificial intelligence is leaking into all industries. Businesses from around the world and consultants specialising in Excel are adapting to this sudden influx of technology in various ways, and Microsoft is the latest in making a major update. Popular programs are undergoing seismic shifts in the tech community, and one of them — a program dating back to the 1980’s — is Microsoft Excel.

Changing the Industry

In our fast-paced world, machine learning algorithms have shaken up our ways of doing business. The heuristics of many programs have been modified for greater productivity. Algorithms allow the user to gather data instantly without needing to do a Google search. This frees the user up and gives them extra time to be more creative. These breakthroughs are now surfacing in the new Excel add-on called Excel Insights.

Changes in Microsoft Excel

Beginning with geography, Microsoft Excel now lists data in regards to cities, states, countries, and zip codes. No longer do we need to do an extra search to fetch some surface layer data while composing our spreadsheets. Instead, Excel Insights links with Bing and will fetch the data for you. For those that play the stock market, Insights will list the company’s information and financial data for the use by an Excel consultant.

Upcoming Changes and Improvements

Drawing meaningful conclusions is one of the challenges that data analysts face. It is not uncommon for one to look at their data in Microsoft Excel and draw blanks, trying to surmise what the various mathematical patterns mean. This quarter, artificial intelligence in Excel will deduce those patterns for the user, once more saving time and energy for someone trying to piece together a bunch of financial information.

How it Benefits Businesses

Going back to our first geographical example, the ability to retrieve meaningful data quickly will have several pros. For one, a business will be able to optimize their strategy by retrieving this data. By using artificial intelligence to gather population data and user data, businesses will be able to alter their marketing techniques on the fly. Excel Insights will inform you of which regions you should cater to along with knowledge of what area you will be most successful.

Overall, it’s an exciting time to be a Microsoft Excel user and for those who aren’t technically minded there’s always option to seek out Excel support services. Compared to other software that is using artificial intelligence, Excel conveniently merges the most important statistics for your query in a handy pop-up menu. Comparisons are already being drawn out with Google’s G Suite artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to see what innovations will come in the future from this rivalry.