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Chris Bell

Knowing the key factors of Forex market

There are many people who think they can have the profit if they overtrade, overanalyze and do more of everything. It questions us how much of everything is enough in Forex? This article will answer this for you and you will know when you are doing too much of your trade. This is a market where everybody makes a limited profit. You should not greed and try to impress the others. Make small profit but make them consistently. This is the trading mantra of traders and this is how they have been trading for years. This article will tell you when you put an end to Forex in your career. We do not say that you have to stop trading forever but stop doing whatever you are doing. Many people overwork themselves and lost money. They never understand that working hard is never the solution but being smart can make you the successful trader that you want to become.

Living your life

You might be wondering if it’s really possible to lead your dream life based on spread betting. According to recent statistics, more than 90% of the traders are losing money on regular basis. So data suggest almost 10 % of the traders are successful. So if you want to be a part of the successful trader’s community, you need to trade the market with managed risk. Aim for the high-risk reward trade setup so that you can easily cover-up the long trades. Never trade the market with the negative risk-reward ratio.

Money management is the most important aspect of spread betting trading. You need to learn the proper way to manage your losing trades. Regardless of the quality of trade setup, you should never risk more than 1% of your account balance. Just by following this simple principle you can protect your investment in the long run.

How much time is enough to spend?

First, we will talk about how much time you should spend on trades. This investment industry is very hard to understand. People think they have understood the trends but at that moment, the trend changes and everything gets lost. They need to understand that you cannot improve your performance if you only spent a lot of time. You should spend quality time on analyzing and understanding the pattern rather spending a huge amount of moment. The more time you spend on analyzing, the more information will come to you and you will get lost in ideas. Try to keep your time as minimum as possible so you can focus on your goal.

How much analysis is enough?

Many people spent their day and night looking at the chart. The trends are always changing and there are many reasons. If you do not understand the reasons, you will never know when the trend is going to change. Staring at the chart all day is not going to give you profit. Only spent two hours highest to analyze the trend. The more time you spent, the more news you will get and you will become confused. Novice traders should spend more than two hours as they need to understand the pattern from the beginning. As you grow old and become experienced, trade the market with your wisdom. Your mind is the only tool that is powerful enough to anticipate the next trend.

How much profit is enough?

We are very happy that you have asked us this question. People change when they start making a profit. They become greedy, they want to make more and even more and eventually they lost what they had made. Be happy with the small amount of profit. You may think you are only making 10 dollar profit but you may not know this profit is even a dream for many traders. Make small but focus on consistent profit. This is how you trade the market.