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Chris Bell

Perfect Shipping to Russia Now Possible With the Best Service

At the mere mention of the courier services, many tremble. No service, rudeness, idiocy, huge queues – with all this you will come across, if suddenly you need to look at the mail. That is because they do not find the right service all the time.

So, how quickly to send a parcel to Russia:

  • First determine and add what you need to send. If the objects are beating, consider how they can be packed so that they do not break.
  • Go to the post office. Be sure to find out if you can send a parcel from your office. There are post offices of different types.
  • Try to approach the opening of the office on a working day. In the afternoon or on weekends at the post office, most often, a lot of people and big queues. I sent parcels 4 times and in the morning people are really less.

Do not pack the parcel in your box! It’s best to take things in bags to the post office and there already buy a box and pack it. They do not accept parcels in colored boxes, or boxes with various inscriptions. If you have some great things that are not carried in the mail box, then you need to wrap your packaging with one-color paper, without inscriptions and drawings. Otherwise, the parcel will not be accepted. The maximum size of the box, which can be bought at the post office 425 * 265 * 380 mm. for Shipping to Russia the companies need to be aware of this.

Do not wrap the package with your scotch tape! If suddenly you bought a box at the post office, filled it with things and wrapped it with your scotch tape – you will be forced to tear off the scotch!

  • Be sure to bring a pen. You will have to fill in the letterheads, there are no pens in the mail, and if you ask the women working there – get a dose of insults and displeasure.
  • Also bring your passport. When you prepare documents for the parcel, you will need it.
  • When you come to the post office, first take the queue and take the letterhead. While you fill out and package the parcel, your turn will just fit.

One postal form is made for one parcel. Carefully read what items need to be filled in and which ones do not. According to the Rules for the provision of postal services on letterheads and the parcel itself, it is necessary to write not only the name and surname, but also the patronymic.

This is how the form is correct:

  • On the parcel necessarily write the address of the sender and the address where you send it.
  • Take with you small money. Most often the cost of sending the package is small. And, if you come with a big bill, get a bunch of bad words in your address.
  • After receiving a check about payment of the parcel, do not discard it. Here you can track the number of your check where your shipment is at the moment.