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Chris Bell

Reasons for Giving a Watch

Watches can be a beautiful piece of jewellery and they are quite useful too. The Watch Cabin is a company able to present you with a watch and there are many more that would like to do that. You can buy a watch for yourself, but you can also present someone else with a watch. Maybe you wonder why someone might want to do that. So let us give you a few reasons for presenting your best friend, partner of a relative with a gift.

  1. A watch is Jewellery

Watchmakers spend just as much attention to their product than any other jewellery maker. They want their watches to be a piece of art. They devote a lot of attention to the strap, timepiece, clockwork and mechanics of the watch. Their product should function properly and also be more sturdy than rings, necklaces or even bracelets. Not all watchmakers are reliable, but the overall majority can be trusted to deliver a decent watch that is sturdy enough to survive some bumping, scratching and pulling.

  1. A Watch is Useful

A watch is not only a pretty piece of jewellery. It’s also a very useful item to have. Many people use their mobile phone as a portable clock, but you have to take it out of your pocket or bag before you are able to check the time. A watch is permanently tied to your wrist (as long as you don’t forget to put it on your wrist in the morning) and at the most, you have to pull up your sleeve a little bit. With a small movement, you’ll be able to keep track of time so you’ll never be late for anything. So presenting someone with a watch also means presenting someone with a useful yet pretty piece of jewellery. And besides telling the time, some watches can also calculate altitude or be used as a stopwatch. A watch is multi-functional.

  1. A Watch for Everyone

No watch is the same. There is a wide variety of watches consisting of digital watches, analogue watches, chronographs, pocket watches and so on. Mechanical watches use a mechanism in order to measure the passage of time while modern quartz watches are driven by electronics There are even some waterproof watches in existence that can be worn while you’re scuba diving. Try that with a normal phone or a normal clock. There are special watches for men and women but also those that can be worn by both sexes. And don’t forget the latest addition: smartwatches. Anyone can find a watch he or she likes and there is a type of chronograph or wristwatch for everyone.

  1. A Watch is Timeless

A watch is one of those things that never get out of style. There might be some variety over the years, but the basic principles of a watch have stayed the same over the years. No matter how many digital or analogue watches are added, a watch will never lose its value. A watch will only get some more functions.