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Reasons Why You Should Use Universal Robotic Arms

 It would be best if you thought of deploying universal robotic arms to increase production. The UR arms are installed with unique applications that cater to your diverse needs. These applications enable you to shift from one task to the other, thus increases production.

You can use one robotic arm to perform numerous tasks simultaneously. This saves time that could have been used in production. You do not need to have programming knowledge because the robotic arm is already pre-programmed for you.

The language used in the robotic arm is simple, thus makes it easy to follow. The following are unique features of the robotic arm:

1. Reduces the Cost of Production

 A single robotic arm can be deployed to perform numerous tasks. This reduces the number of employees needed in an industrial plant. The price of employment is high since employees ask for salaries and other benefits.

The only cost incurred when you engage a robotic arm is the initial installation cost. Robots do not require additional fees, which subsequently reduces labor costs. 

2. Saves on Time

 Unlike human labor, the robotic arm works non-stop without taking any breaks. The components also work faster than human beings. The robotic arm automatically moves from one task to the other.

This movement reduces the time wasted when moving from one task to the other. The robots are consistent in their work. They also do not ask for breaks or sick offs, thus reduces the time of production.

3. Increases Production

 Due to their consistency, the robotic arm increases production in an industrial plant. The robotic arm works 24/7 without getting tired. This consistency enhances production and, subsequently, growth. The output of most industrial plants is affected by incompetent employees.

 There are instances where industries lack skilled personnel, which affect their development. Deploying robotic arms solves this problem, which results in increased production in the long run.

4. Enhances Safety

Workplace safety is the ultimate goal in any industry. Robotic arms are ideal for handling dangerous tasks that can cause harm to human beings.  Universal robotic arms can be used in studies like lifting heavy objects, causing bodily injury to employees.

Other functions like welding require extreme temperatures that cannot be handled by humans. The robotic arm can also be used in painting and other dangerous industrial processes. The robotic arm is also accustomed to sharing workspace with human beings.

Robots can sense the presence of human beings in their area of operation. When a human intrudes on their space of the process, the robotic arm reduces the speed or halts the procedure altogether. The robot resumes operation when the area is clear.

5. Substitutes Skilled Personnel

It is not easy to get some skilled personnel to perform specific tasks in an industrial plant. It takes time to get a replacement in case an employee leaves the company. Sometimes a company may ultimately lack the particular skill it is looking for. The universal robotic arm is a perfect replacement for skilled personnel.

The robot is fitted with applications that enable it to perform the tasks with the precision that cannot be achieved by human beings. The robotic machine does not ask for high salaries like human beings. The cost of maintaining an automatic engine is also minimal.

What Makes The Universal Robotic Arm Ideal?

The universal robotic arm is ideal for all your industrial needs. The following are facts about the collaborative robotic arm:

  • The robotic arm is lightweight, highly flexible, and collaborative.
  • The UR automates repetitive and dangerous tasks with payloads of up to 5 kg.
  • It has a working radius of up to 850mm
  • It is easy to program and has a fast set-up.
  • The collaborative arm is easy and safe to use
  • It offers the fastest payback time in the industry.