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Chris Bell

Targeting Consumers: Your Quick Guide to Online Adverts

Advertising online has become a larger and larger market since the supremacy of Google and Facebook in the online marketing space. With hundreds of thousands of web adverts uploaded every month, this is your business’s opportunity to truly engage with a growing online audience. Below, you’ll be introduced to targeted advertising and the benefits that it can bring to your brand, your websites, and your sales. With targeted advertising now supreme on the internet, now is the time to engage with this cost-effective way of driving revenue to your firm.

What is Targeted Advertising?

The notion of targeted advertising is that you, as a business, want to be seen by those web users that you know are most likely to trade with your business. You know your target demographic, which is the kind of consumers who are most likely to want to trade with you when they see your brand and your business online. By using targeted advertising, you’ll ensure that you’re the business that this demographic sees when they put in relevant search terms online. This is a crucial way to guarantee a high return on your investment in your marketing and advertising spend.

Search Engines

One of the ways to boost your performance in online advertising is to target not web users, but search terms. When someone searches a term that relates to your business, they’re identifying themselves, on search engines, as someone who is looking for a business like your own.

When these searches are made, this is your chance to show an advert that relates to the terms of that search. You can use a pay per click (PPC) advertising agency to help you to show adverts in response to relevant search terms and only pay when a web user actually clicks on your advert and is directed to your website. Engage with PPC marketing companies Made by Factory to help you build your campaign in this space.

Targeting Digital Footprints

The other way in which you’ll target consumers is by looking at their digital footprint. What does their web use tell you about their interests and how they spend online? The responsibility for looking at this data is not yours – it’s that of the major advertisers on the world wide web. To take Facebook as a leading example, their algorithms can identify hundreds of subgroups of individuals who use their platform.

So, whether you’re looking for gardening enthusiasts or fans of cult films, you’re able to use Facebook’s advertising platform to target specific consumers who relate to your business. Again, when your advert is shown to them online, they’ll already be the kind of consumer who would consider trading with your brand. This is the other form of targeted advert that you can invest in this year.

Using Targeted Adverts

As a rule, targeted adverts tend to return a higher yield, in terms of your return on investment, than adverts which aren’t targeted. Countless marketing white papers show this. So now is the time to engage with this method of advertising to boost your business’ fortunes in 2020 and beyond.

Use the tips above to begin using targeted adverts to boost your business.