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Chris Bell

The Aquatic Show Business

An aquatic show is an activity that advances or develops the best and unimaginable water effects which can fulfill all your needs during private or public events. These water effects include; water curtains and musical fountains. The aquatic show is a French company with wide experience on production of permanent water impacts and water shows. Notably, the Aquatic show is the best company in the world in the production of musical fountains and water curtain effects. This organization uses modern equipment and accessories to affix fountain water effects to their clients during private events like wedding ceremonies. Aquatic show business has an extensive customer-base since it guarantees high work ethics, ability to meet deadlines and attentiveness to all their customers wishes. Lastly, the company has many engineers across the globe to serve as many customers as possible.

Musical Fountains

Musical fountains also known as a dancing fountains are animated water fountains used for entertainment purposes during major world events. During the formation of musical fountains, the effects of timed light and sound waves are collided against moving water particles. For a musical fountain installation can be done both on small-scale and large-scale methods. The oldest musical fountains were propelled by human beings using live operators. Some of the best musical water fountains include; international fountain and CESC fountain of joy. The international fountain was invented in the 21st century and resembles a full moon shape. Also, the international fountain is strongly affixed to the ground and it is installed with changing light and water patterns. Lastly, CESC fountain of joy is the best musical water fountain since it has over 150 channels for conveying light or water effects.

Water Curtains

The Aqua graphic water curtains help to regulate the amount of water being ejected by fountains. These curtains improve the quality of water and light moving from fountains. These curtains have specifically designed nozzles that capture maximum light and produce a distinct water texture to guarantee the projection of high-quality media or fountain. Lastly, water curtains have numerous valves which projects water and light in different volumes and textures producing an image that confuses the perception of viewers.

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