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Chris Bell

The importance of cloud data storage

Many organizations have realized the importance of cloud data storage. It provides a more cost-effective means of storing and accessing critical information. Still, many SMBs are finding it challenging to protect their valuable information securely. It requires a partnership with a trustworthy cybersecurity service that can guarantee a Zero Trust Architecture to ensure anyone accessing your data is authorized via thorough identity verification and privilege-access channels.

That’s where Systancia comes in. The company provides a secure cloud-based access platform where companies can operate without worrying about insider or outsider breaches. The application provides an end-to-end chain of trust that encompasses access management, privileged success, remote access, and virtual access.

How Systancia Can Streamline Your Teleworking Routine

As the second wave of the coronavirus crisis continues to ravage the social and economic fabric of the country, the government has recommended that companies promote teleworking or remote working to ensure that they protect the health of their staffs and fellow Americans.

Systancia offers a secure tele-working solution that companies leverage to let their employees work from home. With the platform, users can access their workstations and applications in a similar structure as their actual work environment, only that the data is protected through a zero trust security access. It means neither the employees [insiders] or guests [outsiders] is spared when verifying and authorizing access.

Reliable and Secure Windows Desktop Virtualization for Remote Access

In simple terms, virtualization is the transfer of your work application, software suits, or operating systems to dedicated servers, making data access easy with optimal hardware utility. This approach and technology not only saves on resource allocation and also enhances speed and efficiency; not to mention protection from loss of data.

With Systancia’s windows desk-top virtualization services, you can deploy your standard PC operating system on virtual computers within our robust server network. Back that up with our application virtualization solutions and your employees will have the convenience of accessing your applications from their mobile devices wherever they are.