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Chris Bell

The Theory of Business Infiltration

In no way am I trying to downplay the value of something like an MBA you’d get from a top academic institution, or any other business-related qualification for that matter, but it’s nothing but a truism to state that there are just some things you’d learn if you were practically in business which you wouldn’t learn if you just studied the theory. That said however the discussion today falls on the theory of business infiltration, which we discuss with the use of some very real examples of this world.

What is business infiltration?

As you might have perhaps incorrectly guessed from the phrase alone, business infiltration is not the infiltration of a business into one or more markets, but rather the infiltration of a group of people who have come together to take over certain markets which likely already have some businesses established. So you might get a group of immigrants from a specific country or region of the world that move to another country and then come together in a concerted effort to establish businesses that fight for market share, oftentimes even completely taking over and dominating the existing market.

Business Infiltration Case Study: Chinese Nationals

Go anywhere in the world and you’ll find a Chinatown. Literally everywhere in the world there is a group of people who identify culturally as Chinese, in some cases even using specific nomenclature to tie themselves to their roots, such as how in Canada you have what are called CBC – Canadian Born Chinese, which could also mean (and be confused for) Chinese Born Canadians.

This group of people makes for the classic epitome of what business infiltration is all about, with much of their success derived from the fact that they generally get support from their government back in their native land of China. More importantly however they owe much of their success to their ability to really stick together and support each other, so if for instance one or more families out of the group establish a food business then they will be supported by pretty much everyone else in their community.

It’s a simple principle on which everything operates, which is that whatever money comes into the community should ideally stay within the community.

This can be some money which comes from literally any source, such as how all online gamblers within the community would perhaps frequent one specific online betting platform which they’ve identified to offer the best chance of winning, like Novibet for example. Any winnings amongst the group would then be redirected into their community and circulated within that community.

Business Infiltration Case Study: Somali Nationals

Go to a country such as South Africa and you’ll see much of the same thing, except in addition to Chinese nationals infiltrating you’d also have Somalis. Somalis in this instance open up tuck shops in the town ships and they support each other by bulk buying stock and then distributing it amongst each other, sometimes even sharing accommodation to help each other get on their feet as required.