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Chris Bell

Tips For a More Productive Business Environment

Have you noticed that your office is starting to seem a little apathetic? Employees can start with the best of intentions and a real drive to perform well, but over time, their enthusiasm can lag and fade.

When this happens, it falls to you to try and increase the level of productivity in the workplace. There is a selection of different things that you can do to make this happen, and here are a few tips for improving the overall efficiency of your workers.

Casual Friday 

The casual Friday is an office tradition which has been around for many years. You aren’t doing anything massively different, but you are allowing employees to come to work dressed in whenever they want.

You might not think that this will have much of a difference on the overall productivity, but just being allowed to come in jeans and T-shirt can have a big difference in how people work. It helps to relax everybody, and people do their best work when they feel calm and free of worry. It takes away some of the more severe connotations of the office, which in turn lends itself to a more productive workforce.


You might think that team building is only suitable for the start of the workforce when you’re trying to make sure that everyone is familiar with each other and there is a level of trust and respect in the office. However, team building can be an excellent way to recharge your workers and introduce them to a new sense of enthusiasm for the office.

Team building for charity is a particularly appealing option, but you can do whatever you want to encourage people to work together. It can help to break the layer of apathy which can settle over your workers, and this will, in turn, recharge them and get them giving it their all again.

Company Holiday 

A lot of businesses choose to take their workers on retreats. It’s a widespread practice and lends itself well to building a new connection with people and helping to create a more friendly atmosphere in the office. It can also be an excellent way to break up the monotony of the workplace and increase productivity overall.

Some people choose to go to the beach, and some people go away for a weekend by the lake. Wherever it is that you do decide to go, you’re helping to get your work is excited about coming into action again. They’ve just been and had this incredible holiday, and so to show their appreciation to work harder and give you a better level of productivity. Plus, it allows managers and bosses a chance to appear friendly and approachable, which is an excellent quality to have.

Office Party 

You can probably imagine that this is a good idea for people who want to let their hair down and increase the productivity of their workers at the same time. You will notice that it becomes easy to throw a good party that people enjoy, and all you have to do is make sure that everyone can attend, and there are things that people want to do. Plus, office parties become a good source of jokes and memories for months and years to come.

Get Feedback! 

If you aren’t ever sure how best to improve the productivity of your employees, ask them. Sending a feedback form around the office will help you to gauge what you can do to improve productivity, make the workplace more enjoyable, and make sure that your workers are performing as best as they can.