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Chris Bell

Tips For Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Company

If you’re considering moving to a new office, it can often feel like a daunting task. Although you may want the space to look fresh and modern, there are several other things to consider besides its aesthetic.

If you don’t know where to start looking, take a look at these tips for choosing the right space for your business.

1. Consider the design

The overall aesthetics of an office space can be changed, but the design and layout are one of the key elements of your decision. The office should work for your company, and make everyone feel comfortable and productive. A good way to know how a design might work in real-life scenarios is to evaluate the nature and culture of your business. If you usually conduct tasks in a collaborative way, then an office that is disjointed and separated by lots of walls is not beneficial for this way of working.

2. Choose a suitable location

Location is a significant factor when choosing a new office location. It needs to be accessible and preferably easy to reach via public transport. Plus, central spots are often a handy bonus. The area can also give your business a prominent presence, such as if you operate out of a city such as the capital. These locations are also great for ease of access and putting your business in the heart of the action. You can get some inspiration from The Workplace Company who has a selection of serviced offices in central London that are based in top accessible locations.

3. Check the amenities and facilities

The amenities available for staff and clients are also an essential factor to consider in an office move. If you are planning on inviting clients to the premises, then ensuring you have a reception area and conference room is a top consideration. Parking is another important aspect, and in central locations, it may be limited. Check out local parking options and walking routes to ensure ease of access. Other factors to think about include toilet facilities and staff break rooms. Plus, disabled access and amenities should also be available.

4. Read the fine print

Once you’ve chosen your perfect office space, signing the contract is the next step. However, before you leap into a lengthy agreement, be sure to think about the cost implications of each clause. Some charges and costs are often hidden in the fine print and may make it difficult to leave a contract if something goes wrong. The lease period is another consideration. As lengthy terms may mean you cannot move should your business scale up or down depending on your operational needs.

It’s important to consider all the options when choosing a new office for your business. Your brand image and culture should be a top priority before taking the leap. If you are unsure about anything during the process, ask a professional for impartial advice. By following these simple steps, you’ll have a new space that everyone is happy and content with.