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Chris Bell

Trendy Office Spaces for New Age Employees

You probably already know that your working space has a huge impact on your productivity. So, if you’re running your own business, you might want to think about the environment your employees work in. After all, it’s you who can benefit the most from having employees who are as productive as possible. Just bear in mind that times change and what was once considered to be great office design may no longer do the trick. That’s why we have come up with 3 most trendy office spaces business women in Australia decide to go for

Multipurpose Workspace

Experts say that not a single change in the world of office design has occurred so quickly as the emergence of multipurpose workspaces. Who says you need to have one room for business meetings and another one where your employees can enjoy their breaks? Multipurpose workspace is such a great option because it offers everyone a chance to have an insight in what’s happening in the office and allows employees to cooperate. Another great thing about multipurpose workspaces is that you can transform the entire office into almost anything you want. You can turn it into a huge conference room if you’re having a presentation or a ballroom if you’re throwing a party for your employees. Just make sure your multipurpose office has all kind of seating options and tables where your employees can both work and rest. Installing speakers so that you can play work-friendly music for all of your employees is also a great idea.

Community Tables and Workstations

Long gone are the days when people worked in their cubicles surrounded by nothing but walls. Today, many companies in Australia decided to go for community tables where employees can work but still be able to talk with their co-workers. This can hugely affect the atmosphere in the office and make your employees more productive. If you decide to go with this trend, make sure you get large tables that at least 4-6 people can use at the same time. Today, there are even workstations that have been specifically designed to encourage your employees to share their ideas and work as a team.

Green Office

There’s no need to say that going green is a huge trend today. If you decide to make your office environmentally-friendly, not only will you lower your energy bills, but chances are you will attract more clients since people today prefer to do business with companies that care about the environment. Furthermore, studies conducted by experts from UK have shown that making your office green can increase your employees’ productivity by 15%. And what’s so great about it is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your office more eco-friendly. Introducing potted plants or opting for a stunning vertical garden in the lobby is a great way to start. Instituting a business casual dress code will also make you use less energy to keep your employees cool during the summer. Lastly, you can introduce solar panels to your office and minimize your electricity consumption.

These 3 types of office space are what some of the most powerful business women in Australia went for. And following their example surely is a great way to break your way to the top. Just remember that communication is the key to running a successful business today and you should constantly work together with your employees to try to achieve just the perfect office atmosphere.