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Chris Bell

Ways To Boost Your Company’s Digital Visibility

We live in a digital world, and today’s marketplace does business online.  To remain competitive in a technology-driven game, you must know how to make it into the spotlight.  Visibility is especially important to small businesses online.  

You must know how to get the attention of the people in any realm of business, and the internet is ground zero.  Here are a few ways to boost your company’s digital visibility, and reach a higher level of success. 

Create a business blog

Your company needs its own business blog.  Creating a business blog puts more information out into the infinite space of the internet, and creates more chances for web users to come across something pertaining to your company. 

It effectively boosts visibility, but only if you put forth the effort to create a blog of substance.  Check out how this business site designed their “Blog” section.  Post regularly, and integrate all different types of media in your posts.  Variating your material looks better to a search engine.  

Become an expert in SEO

Learn how to incorporate the concepts of search engine optimization (or SEO) into the content of your website and every other piece of material you put into the infinite space of the world wide web.  

SEO will teach you how to rank higher in the SERPs (or search engine results pages), and subsequently get more hits on your digital material.  Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and updating.  It pays to understand the nature of the algorithm’s goal.  

Claim your Google My Business

If you have a brick and mortar location for your business, then you need to make sure you have claimed your Google My Business listing.  Registering your existence with this service assures that people will see your business in the results listings when they do a quick local search for your type of business.  

For example, if you run a gas station, then your station’s name would pop up when someone close was searching for “gas stations near me.”  

Integrate social media into your plan

Social media is a vital part of boosting your brand’s visibility online.  Make sure every blog post has social media share buttons at the top, bottom, or side of the article, so readers may share their interest on a whim.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly is the way to go now, and your brand should be familiar.  More people access the internet through their mobile devices, more often, than those who access the internet through their laptop or PC.  

Stay connected with mobile optimization in everything you do.  Make sure people do not have to pinch or swipe to adequately view your materials.