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Chris Bell

Ways To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

So you’ve received a red light ticket, what’s next now? Pay or beat the red light ticket? Certainly you wouldn’t want to pay it if there’s an alternative. If the ticket will significantly increase your auto insurance or lead to a license suspension, you may want to speak with a red light camera ticket lawyer for guidance.

There are so many things that can cause a red light ticket issued to you – the yellow light is too short, the car coming up behind you almost hit you, or the traffic signal may be obscured from your field of vision by trees and larger vehicles. These same reasons for running the red light may be the best way to defend yourself if you get a red light ticket.

The First Step: Traffic Court to Contest Your Red Light Ticket

If you want to contest the red light ticket, typically, you must elect to go to traffic court. You may also have the option of having an attorney appear on your behalf. You lose the right to challenge the ticket if you pay without going to court.

Disprove the Officer Who Gave You the Red Light Ticket

You have less chance of winning a case if it involves a police officer. Magistrates or judges rule on traffic cases. They are more likely to believe an officer. You may be able to show through evidence, including eyewitnesses, photos, and testimony about where the officer was standing, that the officer could not have seen you committing the offense. This puts the officer’s credibility at issue. The judge may then be more likely to believe you.

Challenge the Camera

Cameras can take pictures that are not clear, and sometimes the ticketing agency gets license plate numbers wrong. If you can prove the person in the picture was not you, the vehicle in the picture is not your vehicle, the light was not red, or your vehicle was part of a funeral procession, you may be able to beat the ticket.

The End Result

If you are unhappy with the decision that the judge passes, you have the right to appeal the judge’s decision. You must file the proper paperwork in a timely manner. You should consult an experienced drivers license lawyer if you want to represent yourself effectively.