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What to do after purchasing a Refurbished Mac, including Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display- 13.3”

After deciding to buy a refurbished MacBook, should you go ahead and use it? Well, the answer is no since you need to do several things before you can use it in a standard manner. These things are important to do since you can figure out the condition of the MacBook. Below you will find the things to do.

  1. Check the age of the MacBook

The very first thing you have to do after unboxing the refurbished MacBook is to check the age of the machine. For your information, the time when a seller buys the MacBook is not the age of it and Apple releases a MacBook version usually twice a year. Two MacBooks which only are only ten months apart might own a lot of differences in terms of the machines inside. So, check the age of the machine since it can give you information about what it can and cannot do.

So, what do you do in order to check the actual age of the machine? You just need to turn on the device, press the Apple icon at the top left corner, and you will find several options. Click the option which says About This Mac and a new window which contains the Serial Number of your device will appear in no time. Copy the number, visit the Apple Warranty Checker and type down the number to figure out the model and the year it was released. By the way, to get a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display- 13.3”, visit

  1. Check the health of the battery

The next thing that you have to do, which is checking the health of the battery, is an extremely important thing to do after buying a refurbished MacBook. It is worth noting that batteries do not last forever, and they have a limit in terms of load cycles, and they get worse in terms of performance the more it is used.

Well, how much load cycle a battery can take before it breaks? There is no reliable account, but 1000 might be the number when a battery breaks down. Unfortunately, as batteries get worse every time it is emptied and loaded, you need to ensure that it only has spent less than 500 load cycles. Above those numbers and expect to have a battery with an unreliable life.

  1. Run Apple Hardware Test

This might be the most important of all the things already mentioned. Every MacBook, either it is new or second, will always have an advanced application for testing the condition of the hardware. Although it is very advanced, you will not need to worry since it is actually very simple to use. And the other good thing is that the application always gives an accurate and honest report. By the way, if you are interested in a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display- 13.3”, visit

The first thing to do is to turn off and turn on the MacBook. But before the startup screen appears, press and hold the D key. After a minute or more, Apple Hardware Test (AHT) will run and start inspecting your hardware. Well, those are the things to do after purchasing a refurbished MacBook!