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Chris Bell

Where can I find truckloads to move?

A lot has changed in the world that we’re living in over the past one year, from freight recessions to capacity shortages, a seemingly never-ending pandemic and global economy fallout. One thing that remains unchanged is the desire for freight companies and trucking companies to find constant requests from clients for loads to haul. Trucks need to keep rolling to get paid. Trucking firms need jobs to pay drivers and staff.  Your best strategy is to use every tactic available to book freight. Here are 4 ways to find more loads.

1. Engage Freight Brokers

For independent truckers looking for freight to haul, a freight broker can help.  Freight brokers connect shippers to truckers, and this is a good option if you’re new in this business. Freight brokers help find truck loads for owner operators and fleet owners.   Freight brokers do most of the legwork for you, including negotiating the rates with clients. Brokers make it easier for independent truck drivers looking for quality loads because they usually have a relationship with the shippers but it can be costly. Check for hidden fees associated with this service.

2.  Best Load Boards for Owner Operators

Load boards make it very convenient for truckers or fleet owners to find freight loads by having multiple listings to choose from and most of the shipment details are spelled out. Find a good load boards that meet your needs. The best load board for owner operators and trucking fleets of all sizes will offer free trials, have mobile apps so you can search for loads to haul on the go and send you notifications so you never miss a high-paying load. Some load boards like Shiply have no subscription fees. 

3.  Networking

Networking is an integral part of most small businesses, including freight companies. Start by getting involved with industry associations and going to events that your shippers are attending. There’s lots of information from the internet on the type of associations that you can join.

4.  Registering as a Government Contractor

No matter which country you are in, state and local governments have transportation needs too and you can try your luck with your application to be on the government’s panel of truckers.  Being a government contractor requires some additional requirements, including registering to be one. Another approach is to partner with a company already hauling under a government contract.  Contact your city or state government for more details.

Whether you are an owner of a fleet or work for one, you can easily find truckloads to move to increase your revenue at Shiply, a UK-based limited company providing an online marketplace where transport service requesters list items they need to ship, and where providers of transport services bid in a reverse auction format.  Shiply’s shipping bids site has no sign-up or subscription fees, meaning you are free to browse loads to haul and a fee will be charged only on top of the price you quote when you successfully bid on and win a job. Just give Shiply a try and who knows, your trucking business will soar to a whole new level!