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10 Careers That You Can Work from Home and Earn Online Working Remotely

According to a recent Survey done by the Office for National Statistics, around 4 million Britons work from home. In other words, they rely on their laptops and the internet to work, to earn their daily break! And this number could be higher when you consider the total number of people working on Online jobs; both from, home and offices.  The rise of online jobs has transformed the UK economy tremendously over the past decade and the UK business blog exposed the news last month.

As long as you are smart and have access to a laptop and the internet you are good to go. It doesn’t matter what you graduated from University with or your specialty; there’s always someone somewhere who could gladly pay for your expertise. Below, we have compiled a list of some of top jobs you can do online and make decent amounts;

  1. Tutoring;

You can tutor on different subjects and topics. Tutoring languages is however in high demand, especially the English language. A lot of people are willing to pay huge amounts for an English tutor. The better you are with the subject in question, the more demand for you and the better the pay. It easy to work with clients from around the world as you will only need to work out the different time zones and choose the best timing for both of you. UpWork, Craigslist, Freelancer, Fiverr; these are examples of platforms you can use to meet potential clients.

  1. Transcribing

If you consider yourself to have a good ear and can type fast then this is the career for you. The search for convenience has led to an increase in the use of recording devices, and your work will be putting the audio to text. You have the option of specializing in a specific field such as academic, legal or medical transcribing. Connecting to clients is easy as there are freelance sites and specialized agencies you can work with to connect you to clients.

  1. Virtual assistant

This job is exactly as it sounds; you offer assistance as required virtually. You can specialize as a virtual assistant in a particular field or be a Jack of all trades. You need to be organized, have good time management and work well with people.  There are a variety of services you can offer as an assistant. These include;

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Moderating chat groups
  • Editing blog posts
  • Writing grants
  • Customer service management
  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the more freeing online careers. You are your own boss. You can also talk about anything you please. The frequency of your blogging depends on you and your inclinations. The better you manage your blog, the easier it is for you to make money. Hosting sites make the task of setting up and managing a blog straightforward, hence reducing the burden on you.

  1. Freelance writing

More and more people are turning to the internet for answers and stimulating content. The demand for high-quality content is often more than what businesses are prepared for. To meet this demand, freelance writers are called upon to write on different topics. You will be asked to write on just about anything and should, therefore, have an open mind in addition to your excellent writing skills.

  1. Proof-reader

A number of the careers described in this article involve writing. Readers want to read content that observes the rules of grammar. Those of you that have an eye for errors and a good understanding of grammatical mistakes are perfect for this online career.

  1. Answering surveys and Market research

Answering surveys works best for those that are opinionated. You will be asked to answer questions on just about anything from household goods to your experience with different surveys. This is a part-time job that allows you to focus on your family or another side-gig.

  1. Web development

A big portion of the interaction between clients and businesses is happening online. To facilitate this, businesses call upon web developers to design, create and maintain websites that run smoothly. As the Brexit reality unfolds, British businesses will need to boost their online presence to cater to the local and foreign market; web development will me much sought after going forward.

  1. Virtual travel agent

A virtual travel agent works on the flight plans, itinerary, accommodation, and tourist activities for their clients. This career gives you the opportunity to virtually travel anywhere in the world as you plan holidays for your clients. If you are keen enough, you can take advantage of offers that suit your budget and travel just like your clients.

  1. Consultant

The skills and expertise you gained from your College or University oughtn’t to go to waste. Use those skills to consult with businesses in your field of work online. You can earn a lot of money working as an online consultant. Whether it is in counselling, offering lessons, or whatever; consultants earn from sharing their expertise with those than need it.


In 2016 alone, freelancers and online entrepreneurs injected £119 Billion to the UK economy. The figure keeps rising and you too can get your share of this impressive amount. The 10 careers mentioned above are a great way to start. Be your own boss, work from anywhere you wish; all that you need is a laptop, internet, and a bit of practice.

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