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Chris Bell

Why the B2B Market is Bigger than the B2C

Most people who are new to the business world miss out on a market which is much bigger than the primary market they naturally focus all their attention on. They miss out on the business-to-business market in pursuit of the end-user, consumer market, whereas the B2B market is much, much bigger and offers lots more opportunities. It’s kind of secret which is hidden in plain sight, that of how targeting other businesses increases the chances of your fledgling business surviving, let alone succeeding, but there are a number of very specific reasons why the B2B market is much bigger than B2C.

You only have to look at B2B solutions such as using dot peen marking to get a clue as to why this is so, but we’ll get into a bit more detail.

Some established businesses thrive off of newly-established businesses

This makes for a bit of a negative view to start off with, but it’s a very necessary one, quite simply because that’s the reality. So one of the reasons why the B2B market is much bigger than B2C is because there are B2B businesses which thrive off of the newly established ones, offering services and products which are touted as utilities to help them establish themselves. So something like the branding industry will readily offer its services to a new business, giving that new business the impression that these are essential services that will help it survive and perhaps even thrive.

It’s an entire industry, but that’s not so say those aren’t indeed essential solutions which are being offered.

Businesses tend to help each other out

If you’re an entrepreneur and you happen to land a meeting with a key decision-making figure of a prospective client, but that prospective client is an entire company, chances are it’ll be with a key decision-making figure who appreciates your hustler’s spirit. People in business tend to help each other out in this way and that’s one reason why the B2B market is much bigger than B2C, where the client is likely in no mood to give anybody new any chances.

B2B is just a naturally bigger market than B2C

Getting back to the specialized industrial marking systems I introduced earlier on this post (dot peen marking), this type of solution is perhaps one which exists entirely in the B2B world. In fact, many consumers probably don’t even know what industrial marking is, although they interact with it whenever they use the products or services of their retailer-level supplier of goods and services they buy from them.

The availability of tangible assets as collateral

A B2B solution such as industrial marking can be viewed as a method of using existing business infrastructure as some collateral, where the industrial marking service provider gains some marketing by mere virtue of rendering their service, for instance. Any established business which comes into contact with the industrial marking work of a company such as TechnoMark can immediately attribute the quality of the work to them, for instance, whereas end-user consumers probably don’t even know of the existence of such an industry as industrial marking and traceablity solutions.