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Chris Bell

3 Solutions for Law Firms Working from Home

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption and forced many businesses to close their offices and work remotely. Legal firms have been required to adapt their daily operations to comply with the social distancing regulations introduced to help fight the spread of the virus.

While working from home presents some challenges, it can also offer dozens of benefits, including reduced office overheads and increased productivity. Luckily, there is an excellent selection of technology and tools designed to boost the efficiency of remote working and drive growth and profits within your company. With this in mind, here are three solutions for law firms working from home:

1.  Switch to cloud-based services

Typically, law firms generate large volumes of printed materials and rely on the use of physical files and storage solutions. The pandemic has meant that many lawyers are unable to go into the office to collect legal files and documentation, thus making it difficult to complete their work tasks.

With that in mind, switching to cloud-based solutions is essential in the current climate. The cloud is an extremely convenient online platform that allows documents to be stored and accessed remotely. This means legal professionals working from home can work on documents from home and collaborate on projects with ease.

According to experts at, “cloud storage is secure and reliable and allows employees to have instant access to the same files and other data from anywhere at any time.” All law firms should consider switching to cloud-based services to protect their client’s valuable data and remain competitive in the modern legal industry.

2. Equip employees with the necessary tools

The pandemic has caused a sudden and dramatic change in normal working life and has left many employees working from home for the first time. Remote working offers several advantages, but it can also be challenging, particularly for people who miss the company and support of colleagues and managers.

You can support your team and maintain productivity levels by ensuring that employees have the tools and equipment to do their work tasks efficiently. Some essential home office equipment includes a laptop or computer monitor, an ergonomic chair and desk, a webcam for video calls, and a high-speed reliable internet connection. Give your team guidance on how to create a productive home office and try to support them in any way you can — i.e. by providing your employees with high-quality work laptops.

3. Invest in legal software

Legal technology has advanced significantly over the years and law firms now have an impressive variety of software at their disposal. These tools can be used to automate and streamline key legal tasks, increase productivity levels, and support employees working remotely.

For instance, according to experts at, “ a case management system helps law firms save time and money by assisting users at every step of the legal process.” This software can be leveraged to improve document management and ensure compliance with the necessary legal guidelines. Make sure you research new legal technology and invest in software that could assist your team working from home and drive sustainable business growth during the pandemic.